Saturday, June 5, 2010


I did a run this morning supporting an organization that helps injured Vets returning (because they often do not have the benefits/coverage from the government - it is very spotty). It was amazing to stand there and see these guys get off a bus - and the smiles they had when they saw everyone clapping for them. It was very emotional, especially when you realize these young men would, for the rest of their lives, deal with the injuries, mental and physical, they sustained while fighting for my right to run through Sugarland.

A hero is someone who puts their life on the line for someone else's benefit. All those serving in our military undoubtedly qualify as heros. But it got me thinking about the other heros in my life.

- My Dad keeps pursuing his dreams even when it seems they will never come true.
- My Mom has lived with Chronic Fatigue/Epstein Barr for over 15 years.
- My brother, a single Dad, just qualified for the National Triathlon Champs and has endured 3 years of a very difficult divorce on the high road.
- My husband consistently stands up for me, his family and his co-workers when it would be easier to just not to.

These may not mean much to anyone else but me and I have many friends undergoing extremely challenging situations, which proves they are heros. They sacrifice themselves for the good of others, even if those others can't walk or talk yet. All the decisions are making sure those others are taken care of.

I think the key ingredient to being a hero is love. Love for country, love for others and putting aside that love for self. It's not graded on a moment, but over a lifetime. And that is also a legacy.

Jesus' definition of a hero - and by it makes Him the ultimate Hero - is in John 15:3.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

Who are the heros in your life? What have they laid down for you?

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