Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The slow progress towards pure

I still get mad when I don't get my way-just like I used to before I rededicated myself to following Christ.

Difference is now is I realize it.

Now, I am made aware - usually right after the words leave my mouth - of how selfish and narcissistic I still am and how I still, when it comes to others, have my idea, my plan, my agenda put into effect. Not theirs.

I still have a real hard time - mostly in the little things - not getting my way.

But - they say the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Then, following God's plan, the second step is wanting to do something about it.

That is where I am - I want to put others first. So The Lord is working to ferret out all the truly self-centered thought patterns. He makes it clear when I'm being ugly because He has enabled me to hear myself.

Before, I never could (or would) hear how I sounded. I was only interested in getting mine and God had no influence on that unless I thought He could give me what I wanted. And it got me precisely....nowhere.

I may not be that much farther down the road towards being pure/holy/righteous, but I am farther. The Apostle Paul (who, back then, I disliked very much) puts it this way - I am a new creation and I can't stay in the same place as before.

So, I am learning to crawl, or walk or even in some areas, run. But all of those take time, effort and commitment to get right.

Purity - of mind, heart and body, is a process. But it is a worthwhile goal.

In His Grace and by His Strength I will keep moving forward.

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