Friday, December 24, 2010

The Joy of a Small Girl

Earlier in the week, I had the privilege of reading a story written by a Sister-in-Christ, who over the next year, I am sure I will get to know very well, as she is my church's new UMW President.

This story she authored, for me, highlights a Christmas not many people I know experience. But the message imparts what the true meaning of this holiday is - Christ's love becoming manifest in our hearts. The realization that God, the Creator, chose to enter our world so we could know Him and really live, beyond the pale of this death-filled life, is the most important part of celebrating Christ's birth.

The mother and daughter in this story have very few earthly possessions, but you will see that they are living a life full of abundance - just the way Jesus designed it. Beyond all the trappings and constructs we humans have attached to this season, the two in the story are free and richer beyond any present they could have under the tree.

They show the truth of Genesis 15:1, that Jesus is our very great reward!

Now - on to the first ever guest post on JesusBling - written by Jillian Darcy! Thank you so much and I know The Lord will bless you and your family this Christmas!

A small girl, only five years of age sits at an old card table which is the dining room table for her mother and herself. The rice with chicken and vegetable soup poured over the top is a hearty meal. She eats her dinner eagerly, thankful for every bite of food that she puts into her mouth that evening. The mother waits for her daughter to eat until satisfied then she eats what is remaining.

In their living room area there is a worn out couch, a cheap coffee table, and an old television that does not get used very often because electricity cost money. The mother is young and working hard to make enough money on her own to provide the basic needs for her child and herself. The young child asks her mother if she can watch television that evening because her teacher at school said The Little Drummer Boy was going to be on TV that night. The mother tells her little girl that she can watch the show and that the TV will get turned on right when the show starts. The child smiles with intense happiness for this treat and is anxiously waiting for when the show will start.

When the show is ending the young child who has barely begun her life begins to cry deeply. The mother comes over to the child and asks her little one what is wrong and did she not like The Little Drummer Boy. The small girl looks up at her mother and tells her nothing is wrong she is crying because she is so happy and filled with so much love for GOD. GOD loves us so much she tells her mother he does not care if we have no money and are really poor, GOD just cares that we love HIM that is the gift that we give HIM, loving him with a pure heart and HE loves us back no matter what. The young mother hugs her small daughter and begins to cry and tells her you are right GOD loves us and we love HIM and that is the best present anyone can receive.

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