Monday, January 31, 2011

Radiation - First Week Reflections

I have a couple of other topics I intended to write in line ahead of this, but after reading a few recent posts on the Team Sophia page and several folks at church letting me how they have spread the word to pray for us - I felt like I need to share some of the results from the thousands of people praying for us.

Our first week of radiation, in a word, was Miraculous.

No one anticipated she would do so well. I take that back (in a moment of motherly pride), no one except me. I know Sophia well enough to know that when she puts her mind to something, there is no going back. I told the doctors and nurses this, but they were more than skeptical. It also helps that she has a wonderful new friend named Carolyn, the child life specialist - to help her. Carolyn is probably ranking right up there with Melissa Berry now, on Sophia's list of favorites.

(Sophia often tells me she wants to live with Mrs. Berry, especially when I fuss at her.)

But the fact that she rides the tricycle back to the treatment

room is just amazing. The picture to the right is of the machine she submits to. A lot of people, especially kids, have to be sedated because they have a hard time laying still. The machine is straight out of a science fiction novel, so I can't blame them. But Sophia climbs up on the table, lets the technicians (who are also awesome) maneuver her into place. Then she lets them strap her head down with her mask that is so tight, she comes out with marks all over her face (We call them polka dots) - and doesn't move an eyelash.

This is so unheard of that, Sophia, in a week's time, has become somewhat of a celebrity at MD Anderson. The staff is incredulous that a 4 year old can do this. There has been email upon email talking about her. Other patients (as they move their feet to avoid her running over their toes) comment.

It isn't just the fact that this tiny, beautiful girl in the pink hat is there. But that this reason enough. She has an aura of confidence, there is no fear, no trepidation - no doubt that she can do this.

Maybe it was the MRI results (because we talk A LOT about how the chemo shrank her tumor so dramatically). Maybe it is because this is a "no poke" doctor. But she asks to go there.

I can attribute that to nothing else but God's Manifest Presence carrying us.

It is amazing what He does for His Children when His People join together in prayer!

Thank you. This news and our thanks is all I have to give. You are enabling us to walk through this trial with our heads high and full of grace. It's true that sometimes our flesh gets in the way, but since we are covered in so much prayer - The Lord doesn't let us stray very far.

Take heart, be changed - we are!


On a personal note - The Lord gave me a special blessing last week, beyond watching my small daughter transform into a super hero. He sent me a friend. Her name is Jolynne Dennis and her 6 year old daughter (who is Sophia's new friend) Anna Grace - is also undergoing radiation treatment, without sedation. Anna and Sophia are a truly remarkable pair.

Jolynne is a Sister in Christ and I knew it from the moment I met her. There was something so familiar about her. Come to figure out, it was the Holy Spirit. Jolynne has 4 other children, besides Anna Grace, and thankfully, they are nearing the end of this part of their journey, as this is Anna's last week of treatment.

Despite just having met now, what a true comfort to have someone who knows exactly what you are going through. I can't even be mad that she is so pretty.

I am privileged that The Lord would expand my territory to have yet another friend to build me up and pray with me. I know Jesus is my Best Friend - but it is really nice when He puts skin on to minister right to my heart. He has done that countless times through my Circle of Sisters (and Brothers too) and in the midst of the miracle of Sophia's first week, He did it again.

It was a week full of abundance!!

Because of you, I know now what Jesus meant in Mark 3:34 when He called His circle His family.

All Praise be to God, The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Gindi said...

And there we were praying for Him to be present in skin, how wonderful that He was. And what a sweet little walking testimony your baby is. Love you all.

Christine Kalmbach said...

The Vogels can do all things in Jesus Christ WHO gives them STRENGTH! Phil 4:13
Our love and prayers are with you!!!