Monday, February 28, 2011

Ok to go

We start chemo again with an overnight tomorrow. We are ready. We've had a nice break from it but it is time to get back to the business of kicking cancer's booty. The pennies in the jar of treatments under her belt are rapidly multiplying, which makes the side effects get worse.

It will not be easy. But nothing ever worth having is.

My baby, completely healed, completely healthy, complete with a head full of hair, is DEFINITELY worth it.

Tomorrow is 19 weeks into her protocol. Yesterday was 23 weeks into this journey. We have 24 more weeks to go in treatment.

You are transforming us day by day All Mighty God. Keep it coming, keep the blows soft and keep Your Glory clearly seen by all!

In Jesus Name....

1 comment:

Gindi said...

Definitely worth it.
Prayed that it went smoothly last night and that Sophia was comforted and at rest.