Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out of Whack

There is a minor drought going on here in Texas. We are way low on our rain count for the year here in Houston anyways. It's still Spring though, no scorching heat of summer yet to really do in the plant life.

And so my spirit is parched as well. It's not dead yet, but it is in need of some heavenly downpour. Dealing with the traumatic events of late have caught up with me in every way possible. This week I mentally, physically and emotionally shut down. I could not/would not accomplish much more than the basics - and some days not even that.

I hate it when I'm this way. It's like I'm a zombie searching for the all-you-can-eat brain buffet. Just gross and ugly. Nothing matters but how I feel and if you get in the way - poor you.

That is what made this morning's devotion so critical. My dear friend Gindi told me Thursday that this season would not last forever. And my head knows that.

Judging by how I've felt/acted this week, my shriveled up heart needed to be reminded by the still, small voice of God.

The Lord chose not to make it rain. Not yet anyway. What He chose to do was remind me of my Lenten prayer, you know where I prayed to have the boundaries of my faith expanded. It's funny how prayers like that always come back around....

The Lord spoke through Ezekiel 37:1-14. The heart music The Lord plays in these verses is just so beautiful. As I read it again, He whispered "Hey listen..."

The Lord's supreme name - YÄ•hovah is said 11 times. 3 times the statement "You shall know that I am The Lord" appears. Sound familiar? I AM. There is nothing more powerful to speak or believe in than The name of The Lord. And in this passage in particular, He was making a point.

What is going to be done for the Israelites - nay all the Children of God is going to be done by HIM. Not us. Not me. Nor, does He eek out Power to us. No, we have all of it dammed up in our hearts, just waiting to be let loose. But we stop it up with our flesh. He doesn't want to just make things possible, He wants to do the things we think are completely impossible.

I so often make my prayers about ME. I pray for Him to give ME strength. I pray for Him to provide for ME. I pray for Him to deliver ME. Me, me, me, me, me. It is like I'm one of those seagulls in Finding Nemo that can only say "Mine!"

What the Lord made clear through this passage is to be back in the light of in His presence (where I think and act in healthy ways) I have got to replace the "M" in Me, with "H" for He.

Here is the idea He presented:

Replace "Lord help me ____________," with "Lord, You will do ________."

It is simple and not just for panic attacks. He said it, so I need to speak it - out loud if I must. Change my focus from horizontal back to vertical.

The key is to practice, throughout the day. This is unlocks the mystery of how I can continually be in His presence (Psalm 105:4-5). It's calling on His Name, declaring His works, announcing His Name in every circumstance. From worn out relationships to my worn out body to my worn out spirit.

And then I shall know that HE is The LORD and Grace shall fall like rain.

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