Monday, May 2, 2011

If you can join us...

I've been thinking about something for awhile. I want to be consistent about prayer but I just can't seem to do it. My Pharisaical tendencies have me feeling guilty for not doing it every day, especially when I've told someone I would intercede for them. But even more than that I am tired of my lack of consistency, I'm tired of playing the stupid lie that I'm a bad Christian because I am not consistent right now over and over again in my head.

So, in order to overcome both obstacles, I am going to do something about it. Something real, something that sticks, something eternal for the here and now.

And in the spirit of accountability, I've approached a few of my friends and they have agreed to join me.

It going to happen on Tuesday mornings. I'm shooting for 6:30am.

What is it?

I'm going to dedicate my prayer time to pray for the families in my sphere of influence suffering from cancer. Why this? Why now?

Because we need it. Because I need it. Because God wants it.

He wants healing, wholeness, peace, comfort. It is the real definition of prosperity gospel - what we will be asking for, the real things that Jesus promised. And I want to be part of giving it to them.

Here is my list so far - I know all of them either personally or by extension (and when I say that - it means I will know them personally very soon.) Most of these children will be on the 9th floor of Texas Children's this week while Sophia is doing her in-patient treatment. That is just NOT coincidence and I WILL be visiting.

If you want to join our "Tuesday Dedication," please do. I dream of this going around the world - literally. Just think of the movement of God if we were all praying for these kids and their families at nearly the same time and certainly on the same day!!

Pray for everything you can think but most importantly, pray for them to know God's touch in a real, miraculous way.

Pray works. I guarantee it because we are living proof of it.

Here is the list - please leave a comment or email me so we can add to it....(

Sophia Vogel- 4 years old - Sarcoma b/h left eye - receiving inpatient chemo this week

Anna Grace Dennis - 6 years old - Brain Tumor - Completed treatment & 2nd follow up MRI on Wednesday (1st F/U last month, she was free & clear of cancer!)

Rylee Beard - 5 years old - Will's Tumor in abdomen/neck (relapse) - receiving inpatient chemo this week

Holden Underwood - 1 year old - ALL/MLL Leukemia - receiving inpatient chemo this week

Brennan McCowen - 11 months - Neuroblastoma - receiving inpatient chemo this week

Courtney Pette - 16 years old - Lymphoma - diagnosed 2 weeks ago, currently inpatient while her lung drains and awaiting chemo schedule

Hudson Kadlecek - 4 years old - Lymphoma - currently inpatient, receiving chemo and recovering from being in ICU last week


Jen said...

Tomorrow morning at 6:30, I will be driving, but you and yours will be in my thoughts way up here in the boondocks of IL.

Christine Kalmbach said...

Amy - I will pray at 7am for all of these kiddos! God wants us praying! Thank you so much for blessing our ladies at the retreat! I am sorry I couldn't join you but I saw that you had a great crowd in there, everyone is amazed by your testimony!
God bless you,
Love you,

Susan Magee said...

Amy-I will wake to join you for sure. Please add a friend of mine from HS's son. Patton Jones, 3 YO, Burkitt's Lymphoma(sporadic). Awesome idea, & I'll spread the word.