Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tenancious Prayer Tuesdays

We were so carried through the day, Tuesday, on the wings of prayer. There were still things that came up, delays that happened, but when you experience the power of collective prayer - and intercede for others - it is hard to have a bad attitude. I hope you were able to have that feeling too!

I saw a quote today that sums up how I feel about our prayer community of Tuesdays. It's by Dr. J. Edwin Orr:

Whenever God gets ready to move, He always sets His people to praying.

It gave me chills to read that. What will He do in the lives of the families we are lifting up? We can only dream of what He has in mind. Like I said, it is hard to get down about my frustration with medical staff inefficiencies when I know, in the back of my mind, The Holy Spirit is moving over the dark waters of cancer to create something bright and new.

So exciting!

It may seem depressing to pray for these kids who are sick. It is sad. But in God's Hands, everything sad is coming untrue. I just felt the whole time I was praying that it was such an honor to be presenting these little people and their families to The Father. It was like I carried a precious gift to Him, so careful not to drop it and He was waiting to take it from me with a huge smile and open arms.

I've decided to start a Facebook prayer page called "Tenacious Prayer Tuesdays 4 Cancer." My focus and what I post will continue to be pediatric cancer but I certainly don't want to limit prayer to just those in a certain age bracket. I pray it will be a place people the world over can express their hearts towards The Lord, lifting up those in need and celebrating the work He is doing.

Check it out soon - I'll be working on it shortly.

A global prayer community....I can't wait to see it!

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