Monday, May 23, 2011

TPT4KC This Week!

Don't you just love when you sit down to type something serious like this weekly blog post and find something random like a spoon in your way? I would never leave a dirty spoon on my desk and with Memaw so recently in town, I can only attribute it to the daily ice cream feedings that were happening last week.

Not that I'm complaining. Just a random occurrence that I haven't noticed until now because I haven't been able to think about writing, must less write, since my last post.

God has been working on other things. My health, my emotions, my family. A whole lot to process and get my heart in line with. He once again told me yesterday during worship that He loves me so much.

The fact that I'm at this computer is because I want to reciprocate that love. And I will start by posting the updates for our precious children this week.

Only one more side note.

You remember how last week I posted that I would focus my prayers for the siblings of these brave souls? I was up early early on Tuesday doing just that. And lo and behold, He goes and uses my cancer fighter's sibling - precocious Natalie - to speak His Word into my heart, not just for the day, the week, but forever.

Maybe tomorrow. What a girl. What a God.

(And thank you to all those who kept reminding me of that fact. I wanted to memorialize that momentous movement of the Holy Spirit on what seemed like such a bad day. I didn't want to let another moment pass without recognizing the work He is doing in and through both my children - I am often their students, rather than their teacher (as another wise person said to me last week!)

Let the little children come to Me!

On that note - this week, my focus is for the medical teams caring for these young ones. The doctors, nurses, PCA's, social workers, child life specialists, surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists - any professional that will come in contact with them this week. I almost posted that last week but God had other plans. Maybe this time, since we will be inpatient this week, He will again reveal another piece of His glory. I wait with baited breath for another one of those glimpses.....

We have a new addition as well, another very handsome young man at MDA - Addison Marshall. His road to recovery is longer than most leukemia patients and last week was rough. See below....

Sophia Vogel - 4 years old - Sarcoma b/h left eye – Inpatient Chemo this week – start of a final long stretch in her protocol

Rylee Beard - 5 years old - Will's Tumor in abdomen/neck (relapse) – Inpatient Chemo this week following echo-cardiogram

Holden Underwood - 1 year old - ALL/MLL Leukemia – after a rough week last week, coming home this week with a new central line – pray he is over the fever+ all he endured last week!

Brennan McCowen - 11 months - Neuroblastoma – having surgery this Thursday and then, following recovery, continuing with inpatient chemo - full stay probably 2 weeks

Courtney Pette - 16 years old - Lymphoma - continuing outpatient chemo this week

Ruel Bobet - twenty - stomach cancer – starting 2nd week of chemo this week, anticipating side effects kicking in

Addison Marshall – 17 – Leukemia – in 2nd (but really 1st as he relapsed) year of treatment at MDA, currently undergoing chemo (and made it out of being admitted at MDA with a fever last week just in time for prom!!)

Hudson Kadlecek - 4 years old - Lymphoma

Patton Jones - 3 YO - Burkitt's Lymphoma

Wyatt – 2 years old – ALL Leukemia

Allen Hill – 10 years old – ALL Leukemia – well into treatment

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Anonymous said...

Praying with you. Thank you for encouraging us to lift up these sweet children and their families and this week those caring for them!