Thursday, June 14, 2012

TPT4KC This Week!

It's been two weeks today since school let out and I feel like I can't even catch my breath!  The lazy summer I'd hoped for has yet to appear, and you can probably tell seeing as how I'm two days late on the updates this week!  But I didn't want to let our precious prayer team down because there are some great and serious updates this week.  Our warriors continue to fight and there is a new one on here as well - a classmate of one of our close neighbors.  I was able to talk my neighbor through as many of the specifics I know about the fight against leukemia and Team Sophia is putting together a comfort kit for him this weekend.

Even if school is out - cancer and prayer never stops!

I hope to be able to share with you the full song/video of the lyrics I'm quoting today, along with another she sings but I don't have on me at the moment.  But the artist is a little busy with a huge VBS production at the moment (that my girls are attending!) so maybe next week we will get to hear from Jenna.  In the meantime, here is an excerpt from My Prayer for You by Ben and Jenna Kyukendall.  It is exactly what I hope Our Lord will grant our cancer families this week.

This is my prayer:
That you will rejoice in every circumstance
And take His strength on as your own,
And that You will know Him, truly know Him.

This is my prayer for you.

Let us pray because PRAYER WORKS!! 

Completed Treatment - Pray for them to stay cancer and illness free!
Sophia Vogel (5, soft tissue sarcoma behind left eye) – Praise God for stable scans and a spot The Lord is continuing to make smaller!  <"Team Sophia" on FB>
Anna Grace Dennis (7, ependymoma) – Still having headaches, but not as frequent!  Pray for them to go away completely and their next appointments in late July! <"Team Anna Grace" on FB>
Rylee Beard (5, Will's tumors in bladder/abdomen) – Praise The Lord, her scans were all clear!
Matthew Lucas (5, Rhabdomyosarcoma) – Pray for a great summer! <"Team Matthew" on FB>
Gunnar Peterson (5, Wilm’s Tumor) Going great! <”Gunnar’s Team on FB”> 
Thomas Valerio (11, rhabdomyosarcoma) Finished treatment and it was a success!  Pray he stays cancer free and has a great summer!
Izzy Slot (3, angiosarcoma) Her livers numbers are still high and they don’t think it is rejection, but they are going to do a biopsy to find out.  Pray for wisdom and complete healing!!  <”izzyslot” on and “Princess Izzy’s Court” on FB> 
Aiden Rideout (4, Non-hodgkins lymphoma) Praise The Lord for great results and safe travels this summer! <”Prayers for Aiden” on FB>
Riley Speed (7, Ewing’s Sarcoma) – Getting her port out! <”Riley’s Road to Recovery” on FB>
Gabbie Howe (12, ependymoma)  
Grant McTaggart (5, P+ ALL) <
Callie Cheer (3, AML) – Doing great!  <”Cure for Callie” on FB> 
Ava Caggino (4, ATRT Brain Tumor) She is very ill and they are running tests and biopsies to figure out how to get her counts back up – please pray for wisdom and clarity and comfort for her family!! <"The Ava Caggino Fight Aganist Cancer Page" on FB> 
Zoe Austin (7, Brain Tumor) – In Remission, but struggling with effects from radiation – pray for complete healing of all parts of her brain!
Logan Sinclair (5, Anaplastic Medulloblastoma) – He finally got his new wheelchair and will be getting his port removed!  Pray for his recovery! <”Pray for Logan Sinclair” on FB> 
Hunter (2, Ewing Sarcoma) – Keep praying he recovers fully from being sick! <”Cure Baby Hunter” on FB> 
Nicky George (2, Ependymoma) – NED!  Praise The Lord for great scans!
Courtney Pette (17, lymphoma) – Doing great!  <"Team Courtney" on FB>
Maddie Briscoe (8, neuroblastoma) – Doing great! <”Prayers for Maddie Briscoe” on FB> 
Patton Jones (4, Burkitt's Lymphoma) –
Natalie Fraker (5, astrocytoma) – Doing great! <” PRAYERSFORNKF” on> 
Tristan Smit (3, ependymoma) – Doing great!
Mark Ochoa (2, Wilm's Tumor)

With The Lord (Please pray for their families)
Kory Krowell – Went to be with Jesus on November 18th, 2011.
Ruel Bobet – Completely healed on Saturday, February 25th, 2012.  Continue to pray for his family, they need strength only The Lord can provide! <”Sandy Bobet” (his Mom) on FB>
Wesley (1 month old, Rhabdomyoma) – Earned his angel wings Monday, March 26th, 2012.  <”The Battle for Baby Wes” on FB>
Daniela Owens (9, Ewing Sarcoma) – Jesus called her home on Friday, March 23rd, 2012.  <”Prayer for Daniela” of FB>
Brennan Scurlock (1, neuroblastoma) – Jesus brought him into His loving arms Wednesday, April 25, 2012.  <"Brennan Scurlock" on FB> 
Aiden McSpadden (3, AML) – Jesus brought him out of his pain and suffering on Friday, May 4th, 2012. 
Preston Winslow (4, AML) Preston completed his fight on May 19, 2012.  He is helping Jesus do lots of fun things now!  Pray for his parents and sisters in their grief.

Fighting Illness and/or Inpatient 
Lucy Krull (6, Medulloblastoma) She is recovering!  The Lord is healing but she has a LONG way to go.  She started PT, OT and speech yesterday – pray The Lord will give her the will and strength to fight!
Braeden Estes (18, Ewings Sarcoma) Finished his last round of chemo but is VERY sick with sepsis!  Pray he will recover completely and be done with all of these side effects from the chemo!  <>
Nate Dinoffira (2, Neuroblastoma) Pray for the pain to be removed, especially as his antibody therapy continues and no more issues! <>
Tynan Chapa (5, ALL) He is recovering, thank The Lord!  Pray he beats the fungal infection completely! <”Tynan’s Crusade” on FB>
Kaylee Atkins (6, ALL) – Had a seizure yesterday as a result of her body reacting to her chemo!  Pray for completely recovery, peace for her parents and wisdom for her doctors to get her on a better treatment plan! <”Praying for Kaylee” on FB>

In Treatment
Braden Murry (9, ALL) Just got diagnosed and was at clinic this week.  Pray for comfort, understanding and strength as they go through this process!
Paige Poe (16, Lymphoma) – Finishing out her last cycle of chemo – pray for no anxiety and clear scans!  <>
Wes Pak (5, Neuroblastoma) – Started another cycle this week and will have scans on the 25th-27th! <”Wes’ Fight against Neuroblastoma” on FB>
Lexie Synder (5, ALL) Much better and enjoying summer! <”Lexie vs. Leukemia” on FB>
Wyatt Foster (4, ALL) Going in tomorrow for a spinal tap, chemo and to start steroids for a week.  Pray for no anxiety and plenty of speed and comfort! <”Wyatt’s Prayer Warriors” on FB>
Makayla (4, DIPG) – On her make a wish trip to Disney World – pray for a great and safe time! <”Makayla’s Miracle Makers” on FB>
Hunter Dickens (Teenager, Burkitt’s Lymphoma) Going in for next round of chemo on June 20th and then another in July with PET scans.  Pray for great results and for him to continue to have a positive attitude!
Katie Wagner (15, Rhabdomyosarcoma) In 7 weeks of intense treatment with a 6 night stay in the hospital, including chemo.  She is still having painful side effects from radiation, please pray this part of her body recovers and her emotional endurance can continue! <Wagner Family support” on FB>
Layton (3, ALL) Pray The Lord will give her a physical hunger so she doesn’t lose any more weight! <”Prayers for Layton” on FB>
Raelynn (5, ALL) Pray she is recovered from chemo and at home, no illness! <”Prayers for our Sweet Baby Rae” on FB>
Victoria Feldman (6, Medulloblastoma) Pray her side effects subside from the chemo this week and no more issues that need a doctor, but that she recovers completely and her eye is healed! <”Victory4Victoria” on FB>
Cameron Lindsay (20, Rhabdomyosarcoma) – Pray he recovers from his recent round of chemo and has no side effects this time! Pray for peace and emotional endurance as he continues this process!
Lincoln Daniel Jones (3, ALL) – Went in yesterday for counts and to start his new phase of treatment.  Pray all is going well!  <"Pray for Lincoln Daniel Jones" and "Red Carpet Kids for a Cure" on FB> 
Jasmine (3, Wilms Tumor) – She has had a rough round of chemo and is in a lot of pain and nausea.  Pray for relief and for her appointment today! <”prayers for Jasmine” on FB>
Sander Linnet (5, Neuroblastoma relapse) – He starts a very serious round of chemo this week that will limit his mobility and has a low chance of success, but pray Our God will be there to help him soar through it all!
Devin Duncan (18, Leukemia) – pray she is fully recovered and continue her treatment without any interruption or illness, and that she gets into the college of her choice - UT! <>
Lucy Weber (3, ALL) – She has low counts so pray she can recover and feel better <"Team Lucy" on FB> 
Max Low (12, Leukemia) <”Mighty Max Low” on FB>
Liam Wilson (1, neuroblastoma) Still continuing with treatment, going through chemo, radiation and surgery, pray for no side effects or illness! <”Prayers for Liam Wilson” on FB>
Holden Underwood (2, ALL/MLL) – Recovered from his viral infection but please pray for a full recovery and no more issues with low blood counts! <”Holden’s Hope” on FB>
Lance McClain (ALL) – Pray for him to reach cycle 4 in his protocol in 2 months time! <”TeamLance McClain” on FB> 
Charlie Harris Beard (1, Leukemia) Pray for him to feel well and stay on track! <”Help save Baby Charlie Harries Beard” on FB> 
Kristina Barrett (9, sarcoma in lungs and arm) – No new growth or new tumors from her scans – PTL! <"Praying for Kristina" on FB> 
Shelby Adams (Langenhans Cell Histiocytosis) – Doing well, pray for her treatment to continue without issue!  <”Prayers for Shelby Adams” on FB>
Barrett Blake (5, Rhabdomyosarcoma)
Zayley Oliver – <”Prayers for Zayley Jade Oliver” on FB> 
Addison Marshall (18, ALL) Doing well, pray he has a great summer and senior year! <addiecake on Twitter
Taylor Porter (15, AML) <”Team Taylor – Taylor Porter” on FB> 
Kaylea Stewart (ALL, 6) –<"Kure for Kaylea" on FB> 
Hudson Kadlecek (4, lymphoma) - <"Hope for Hudson" on FB> 
Logan Brant - Please pray for wisdom and healing!  <“Team Logan” on FB>
Kylie Overton (2, Brain Tumor) – <”Prayers for Baby Kylie Overton” on FB>
Carli Simmons (2, Brain Tumor)

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