Monday, July 30, 2012

Distracted No More

I have been really into this Chick Fil A debate.  You know the one about Dan Cathy and his views on same-sex marriage.  I happen to share his views and have engaged in multiple debates about the public response to his statements.  The debates have had me fired up for the better part of a week, to be honest.

Late Saturday, I began to wonder why I was so worked up.  In formulating a response to a response to a link posted on a friend's page on Facebook (see what I mean?), I started to wonder why I cared so much about being right.  I started to think about how Jesus would respond to all this hub-bub.  And then it hit me:

Jesus would not engage in these debates because He is busy seeking out the lost and mending the broken-hearted.

Jesus didn't let pride rule His heart like I do.  I like to be right, but Jesus focused on being righteous.  I like to prove my point but Jesus liked to prove grace and mercy were available to all.  He debated with Pharisees, but when you dig deep, He didn't so much as debate as answer their questions with God's truth and move on.  He continued on with His main purpose and ministry, which is often quoted in some form or fashion from Isaiah 61:1-3,

The Spirit of the Almighty Lord is with me because the Lord has anointed me to deliver good news to humble people.  He has sent me to heal those who are brokenhearted, to announce that captives will be set free and prisoners will be released.  He has sent me to announce the year of the Lord’s good will and the day of our God’s vengeance, to comfort all those who grieve.  He has sent me to provide for all those who grieve in Zion, to give them crowns instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of tears of grief, and clothes of praise instead of a spirit of weakness. 

It's humbling when you figure out God is not pleased with your activities to declare His truth.  No one is going to be convinced of God's love when I knock them over the head with the truth.  They are only going to see the selfishness and bitterness of my convictions.  Convictions are only good when you employ them with love.  Otherwise, you are a jerk.

All of these things applied to Jesus, not to me.  It is not my job to to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.  I cannot turn someone's ashes into a crown, or provide the oil to soothe a hurting spirit.  I cannot give strength to overcome weakness.  I cannot avenge or provide.  I cannot do any of the things that Jesus did.  

I can only make mountains out of molehills.

But there is something I can do, something that has power and purpose and releases me from the distractions this world loves to throw at us: I can introduce everyone to the Person WHO DOES ALL OF THESE THINGS.  

I can provide the comfort He has already given me to those who are hurting.  I can wrap my arms around a tearful friend and let them I will pray to the One Who will one day make tears unnecessary.  I can declare there is a Savior because I know Him.  I can deliver the good news of Jesus Christ in a million ways beyond arguing the points of a political or theological debate - ways that will leave a much greater mark than my words ever will. 

Heavenly God, keep Your hand around my shoulder and over my mouth if needed.  Help me to continue to remember what my real purpose is - to love and serve You by loving and serving others, whoever they are and wherever I might meet them.   Then I will be distracted no more.  


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