Friday, August 31, 2012

News Flash

How do you like news broken to you?  Do you ask for the good first or the bad?

Personally, I like to get the bad news first, that way it can only get better.  I've gotten pretty experienced with bad news and there just seems to be no better way than to just get it out there.  No preamble, no filler - just say what is coming and wait for the blow.  Then, give me some relief with the good news, so it doesn't all seem so bad.

Jesus was good at giving news, good and bad.  He just came out and said it, but most people didn't catch it - like that whole "I'm going to die on a Cross then be raised from the dead after 3 days to usher in the glory of my Father's Kingdom."  Most the disciples were like, "Huh?"  Peter, of course, tried to argue with him.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten it either.

In the interest of the truth, we've been keeping a few secrets, here in the Vogel household, lately.  All 4 of us and most of our family is up to speed, as well as some friends.  But it might be time to let our friends in the larger context of cyberspace know what is going on (or will be soon going on).  Some of you may have seen this first announcement on Facebook.

August 23rd, 2012 was Sophia's 1st Year Anniversary of Being in Remission.


Yet,there are a few other pieces of news that might be of interest to you as well and we would certainly covet prayers around.

Next week, Dave leaves to spend 1 month in Italy.

This is for his work and dictates the next piece of news.

Later this fall, we will be moving to Italy as a family.

It looks like we will be there a year (from Dave's September departure) but there is a chance we will have the contract extended a year, but it is up to us to accept.  The girls will be homeschooled, as well as we will be doing Sophia's scans over there; so it will be an interesting and challenging adventure to say the least.  We are pretty well prepared on all fronts, as much as we can be at this point - and if you are interested in seeing where we are moving, click here.

Even though it has been a few months since we found out about the offer, there has been a lot to be established to even get us there in the first place.  We are waiting on the family visa to be approved and then we will have a departure date for all of us.  My best guess (right now) is mid to late October.(!!!)

Of course, as with any overseas gig - a lot of hiccups and considerable questions have been encounted.  We feel like those have been answered and despite issues, (as my running partner Christa said) it is ITALY after all.

One of the adventures we will encounter while we are over there involves my last piece of news - as if you could take any more!

We are expecting a baby on March 16th*, 2013!

Why yes, it's a lot to handle!  I'm thankful we've done all these things before (had babies, moved overseas) although combining them will certainly make our time in the next year very interesting.  You might think God is handing all of this to us because we are strong enough to handle it and I would disagree.  We certainly have been schooled on how to handle stress, but that doesn't always mean we handle it well.  In fact, I published this on FB the other day:

The world is pushing up on me today. It's telling me to worry, fret and stress. But I know in Whom I've put my faith and that He is working on my behalf. So, I'm just going to stiff-arm those feelings, choosing trust over frustration. I can't guarantee I will feel this way tomorrow (or even later today) but for now, I'm grabbing onto the peace that transcends all understanding with both hands.

(If you know someone who has had a C-section in Italy, put me in contact with them!)

This is ALL good news.  No hedging bets or trying to lighten the mood here, this is all blessing straight from the Hand of God.  Sure, it is all coming at the same time, but when the Israelites got to the Promised Land, they still had to work to make it prosper.  The blessing was waiting to be taken and that is the attitude which I am approaching what is to come - a blessing waiting to be grasped. 

Despite all the new encounters, I do hope to get a lot of writing done in the isolation of being overseas.  Other than being a wife, mother and teacher, writing will be my constant focus.  I'll keep you up to date on all our escapades.

We keep calling this an adventure - of life, of family and certainly of faith.  No doubt it will not be any less!


Emily said...

You are full of good news. All the best to your family! I will send some prayers for calm your way!

angie said...

Woo hoo!! Cat's out of the bag!! So excited to see the adventure continue to unfold!!

Janell heathcock said...

Wow,Amy! That is awesome for y'all. I am sure your girls will have a great adventure in Italy! Maybe I will have to drop by in March for a newborn shoot :). Best of luck and God's blessings.

Janell heathcock said...

Wow,Amy! That is awesome for y'all. I am sure your girls will have a great adventure in Italy! Maybe I will have to drop by in March for a newborn shoot :). Best of luck and God's blessings.

The Kemps said...

Living abroad is certainly an exciting challenge, particularly with a little one on the way. I feel compelled to say "CONGRATULATIONS!" If there were anywhere in the world other than home in the USA, what better place than a family and faith-centered nation? (Of course, that's depending on perspective - this is mine.) I look forward to continuing to read your blog and see/feel the wonder that is Italy! We actually just returned from "living" in Switzerland for just two weeks. While living in Europe is different and in some ways harder than what Americans are used to (lol-I spent a Thanksgiving in Madrid's Hard Rock Cafe b/c that's the ONLY place I could find a Thanksgiving meal), in many ways I think it helps you appreciate the world, life, and God even more. Best of luck!