Friday, February 8, 2013

Precious. Honored. Loved

It's recently come to my attention that being a wife and mother is very hard.  Ok, when I say recently, I mean like 9-11 years ago (when I became a wife and mother).  Perhaps because I'm in my last 3 weeks of this *3rd* pregnancy, both jobs have started to seem like an overwhelming burden. 

I like taking care of my family.  I really do.  But it has gotten harder to be there for them as because I'm busy combating the affects of these last few weeks before the baby comes. 

When you tack on the added issue of my pride rearing it's ugly head, it really gets hard.  Self-inflicted hard, yes, but hard nonetheless.  No one likes to ask for help, it would be so much easier if everyone would just KNOW and DO what I need them to do, rather than me having to point it out. 

I need to live with mind-readers people!!!!!

It doesn't matter if you are a working Wife/Mom, work-from-home Wife/Mom, stay-at-home Wife/Mom, just a Wife or just a Mom.  There comes a point when you get fed up.  You want to throw in the towel and let the universe spin around, whatever the results may be.  It doesn't seem like what you do really makes a difference to anyone else, so why keep doing it?

I had one of those moments this morning.  After writing a long entry in my journal about it, I turned to read the devotionals on the page next door.  They are generally Scripture and words of wisdom.  I read them second because I've found I need to "purge" my emotions, sometimes, before I'm ready to hear what the Lord has to say.  You know what I found?

Grace.  Love.  Mercy.  Understanding.

I was reminded again that the God who spins the universe on His pointer finger really does care about me, even when I'm in the middle of a pity party.  Here's the proof, right off the page:

For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your are precious in My are honored and I love you. (Isaiah 43:4, NASB)

Those 3 words - precious, honored and loved have special significance to me because they are words the Lord has spoken into my life during difficult times.  He's usually spoken them into my heart but on one occasion, I've heard Him say them out loud.  To read them, there on that random journal page, in the midst of my bummed out state was exactly what was needed.

It wasn't the answer I had just been praying for - but it was the right answer. When I thought I needed radical change of others to satisfy my needs, in that moment it was clear I needed my Heavenly Father to love on me.  Knowing I can tuck up under His wing for shelter makes it easier to wait on how He will resolve my circumstances.  Otherwise I would try and resolve them and that rarely goes down well, I assure you.

Here are two other gems from that page - in case if you are feeling like I was this morning.  I hope they remind you that Someone doesn't only care how you feel, He is right there with you.  It isn't a pity party, table of one, but a chance of fellowship at a table of two.

If you believe in God, it is not too difficult to believe that He is concerned about the universe and all the events on this earth.  But the really staggering message of the Bible is that this same God cares deeply about you and your identity and the events of your life. - Bruce Larson

You are in the Beloved...therefore infinitely dear to the Father, unspeakably precious to Him.  You are never, not for one second, alone. - Norman Dowty

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