Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What We Are

I'm sitting here after a long day.  A long good day.  We spent all day in the town central of San Marino.  If you don't know what town that is, google it.  It's awesome.  First - a long drive through the Marche region.  Then - lunch over looking the Marche region.  Then - multiple hours of shopping over the Marche region.  Then - home through the Marche region and blissfully tired.  Not my ideal day but it was my Mom's ideal day and that makes it so much the better.

I've said before my kids are great travelers.  And while they are slightly greedy, I really do appreciate how good they are, even on trips to visit multiple jewelry stores, etc.

As I rocked the baby tonight, I recognized even though the last 12 months have been very tumultuous and extremely stressful, I'm truly thankful.  Next week, it will be 12 months to the day I realized I was pregnant with Ella Grace.  She continues to testify to the glorious work of Christ Jesus in the midst of my selfish life.  His plan will be established, no matter what mine are.

We are a family of five.  I am so proud of that.  Proud enough that I took a picture of what I consider a reflection of what I never asked for but what was freely given.  All 4 of us girls were watching "Puss in Boots."  (Perhaps not the best first movie for a 4 month old, but she really enjoyed grabbing her sisters' hair more than the movie.)

On the left is the wonderful older sister - totally driven to please (most of the time) and one who truly values the meaning of family.  On the far right is the willful middle child, blessed by the Lord's hand with full healing from cancer   and full of love for people she doesn't know.  Then in the middle is the 3rd child whose first 8 days on the Earth were scary but full of promise.  All of their potentials remain to be seen.  But when I look at this picture, something strikes me.

I am so happy.

That fluffy baby on my lap is the crowning point of it all.  We have been through so much.  That full head of hair that I just styled into pig-tails on Sophia this morning means so much.  That strong, proud look on Natalie's face after having to endure her family in such dire straights is nothing short of miraculous.  It's more than I can take.

This blog is so much more for me than for you.  It is a document of my life.  But I hope our existence on Plant Earth reminds you that Our God is a God of love.  He loves you.  I know this because He loves me. God's plans, no matter how contrary to my own, are so much better.  It is but a glimpse of Heaven.

I might not have a very good explanation for why I believe what I believe.  I might not be able to argue the rights of God over man perfectly.  My reasoning for being a Christian may not trump your reasoning for being what you are.  But the older I get, the less I want to convince you.  The the older I get, the less I want to argue.  The older I get, I just want to show you and love you.

I hope God gives me and my family the opportunity to love on many, many, many people.  And hopefully through many ways, so they know He is the way.  I don't doubt He can work through every single one of my relationships.  He already has.

We are not perfect, but this picture, of nearly all of us bathed, brushed and ready for bed shows, shows there is a God who loves you.  I only know that because of how He has loved me - and continues to do so, even as I wander and stray as a wayward sheep is likely to do.

The Good Shepherd knows His Sheep.  And I am thankful we are all in His flock.

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