Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That Time I Forgot the Formula (or How to Depend Solely on God)

This past weekend, we went to Parma - the home of Parmesan cheese.  We stayed at an "agriturismo" or what we Americans would call a bed & breakfast on a farm.  This farm produces milk for the aforementioned cheese and offers tours of the whole process.  So, we went for a night.  It was to be a last Italian adventure before our return to the States.  It turned out to be (yet another) lesson in depending solely on the Lord.  For everything.  Including.Baby.Formula.

You might be wondering why I needed the Lord to help me with baby formula.  And I would have to confess that, although I swore on my life I packed it, I didn't.  We were fine through Saturday but when Ella Grace woke up before 6 am Sunday morning and I was searching to put a bottle together - I started to freak out.

I filled her up on as many pureed pears as she would eat and filled myself up on prayer.  I didn't know how we would be able to remedy this crisis.  (Babies don't understand a Mommy-blunder, they are not forgiving when it comes to milk, you understand why I deem this a crisis).  Most of everything on Sundays in Italy isn't open, including grocery stores and pharmacies.  To add to that, we were out in the boonies, so this already slim chance of this not turning into a catastrophe looked even slimmer.

Dave showered and got out his GPS; then went and walked around to see if he could find anyone to give us a ride.  Nada, zip, zilch, nein, nothing.

I knew there was only going to be One Person to help.  I put every single one of my eggs - thoughts, emotions and actions - into the Lord's basket.  I kid you not.  Every time I started to freak out, I would repeat (out loud if I could),

Lord, I know You are more powerful than this situation.  You have the answers.  I clearly don't.  I can think of no way to solve this problem at all.  I have to depend on You and You alone.  We are sunk without You, Father.  Send Your Holy Spirit to bend the future to solve this.  Send us the right people.  Send us the right formula.  Help me, my husband and this precious little one because I know You love us.  Do more than we can ask for or imagine.

That's a good summary of about 100 minutes of constant prayer.  I knew He was working when the baby went back to sleep.  Dave and I laid down for a few minutes till I felt an urge to get up.  To go where, I had no clue, so I just went down to the common area.  There was not a soul that wasn't bovine anywhere around.  Within five minutes, the two owners of the B&B drove up.  I poured out our story and as we sat in the kitchen, the lady who spoke perfect English said,

Oh, give me a second to look up on the interweb (they are so cute here with their sayings) because I know of a place open 24 hours.

My proverbial jaw dropped.  I had no clue that places in Italy were open 24 hours a day.  I thought they made it a point not to be open.  Perfect-English and I hopped in the car and took a pleasurable drive through this bucolic countryside. When we got to the place, she rings the bell - no answer.  I resume my prayer, boldly declaring in (and for) my mind that the Lord had this.  At last, a face appeared in the window.  She not only had what we needed, it was as close a match to our brand of formula as possible.  I paid with cash (I NEVER have cash, I don't even know where I got that money to tell you the truth) and drove back.

My family was enjoying breakfast with no issue apparent.  No baby fussing so I ate.  Soon after though, Ella Grace had her milk.  All was well and all prayer was answered to infinity and beyond.

Some might think what happened was coincidence, I did go downstairs right when our hosts showed up.  You could say it was good fortune one of our hosts knew the place we needed.  You could write this off as us having the common sense to ask for help.  You could argue if I had just nursed her, I wouldn't need the formula in the first place.  (That did cross my mind, but too late for that now.)

But for me, personally, I can never write this situation off.  That would diminish the power of God and turn my nose up at Him.  I've been wanting (and writing) that I want more of HIM in my life.  I truly do.  I want my life to be a witness to His glory - all the time.

He isn't just there in a crisis.  He doesn't just appear, like a genie in a bottle, when I need something.  He is there all the time and He loves me (and you) with an everlasting love.  He wants to help, (you or) I just have to depend on Him to do it.

Maybe you have a problem you can't solve or a crisis about to hit.  If you've never tried to depend solely on God or do it every day - He will come through for you.  You can cry out to Him from shaky legs or from a foundation built on the stone of Christ.  He will answer.  He is dependable and good, all the time for all His children.  Just like the Best Father Ever, if you have a need and ask Him for it.  Wait on His timing and prepare to be amazed.  You will, like me, have the chance to wonder at His power and revel in His mercy.

From baby formula to eternal life - He is ready to give it to You.  Just give it a shot. 

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