Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesdays of Wonder - He Hears The Heart's Cry

I have a very good friend named Jolynne.  I don't get to see her much as we live 2 1/2 hours apart.  Our relationship first began from my own heart's cry for a friend.  I asked the Lord to give me a friend who knew what I was going through when Sophia was in treatment.  A week or so later, we met.  Carolyn Dodson, the sweet Child Life Specialist, put us together.  Jolynne's daughter, Anna Grace, was finishing her 6 week course of radiation, while Sophia was starting. 

God saw my need and answered with a woman I could not only share life with, but share faith.  He's continued to show up for both of us since that day.  And lately, Jolynne has really needed Him to.

Anna Grace, like my Sophia, is healed of cancer.  There is no trace of it left in her body.  She is 3 1/2 years out from diagnosis and finally free of a lot of the side effects of her treatment.

But it hasn't been easy.  Jolynne has had other personal traumas and is dealing with her own set of side effects.  It's been rough for close to the last year.  When she sent me a text last Monday, February 24th, 2014, we both realized God is very interested in her own healing.  She graciously gave me permission to share this incredible story.

She was missing her Dad that night, who recently died after a terrible battle with Leukemia.  She was cleaning the kitchen - which for a Mom - is a good place to be in deep thought. 

Her thoughts were on her Dad.  She was wrestling with whether or not he really understood at the end.  He was in so much pain; she didn't know if he'd trusted in Jesus before he passed.  She so desperately wanted him to be with the Father, to have gotten that ultimate healing.  But she didn't know and anyone can tell you, that looming uncertainty - the not knowing - is a special kind of torture.

Out of the blue, sweet Anna Grace, walks up and hands her this drawing.

Jolynne asked Anna when she drew this and what did she mean by it.  Anna, in the matter of fact way of a child said, "Just now.  You know, He is."  Then she skipped away while Jolynne stood there in amazement.

A few minutes later, Anna comes back and hands Jolynne this 2nd and 3rd picture:

But Anna - or the Holy Spirit - wasn't done showing Jolynne the answer to her heart's cries.  She comes back with a 4th page:

That is a picture of Psalm 91:4.  That is the psalm Jolynne prays over her family all the time.

She prays that psalm silently.  Not with the kids, not in front of her kids.  It's her very personal, private psalm she uses to talk to God in her heart.  Yet, here it is, drawn in a child's hand, complete with wings and eggs resting in the nest.

Jolynne ended her text to me with this note:

He is just so good.  He heard our heart's cry.  Just amazing.  Hug Friend!

This is what Wednesdays of Wonder is all about; the miraculous and unexplainable.  But it isn't unexplainable because, in Anna Grace's words, Jesus listens.  He cares.  And He shows up - clearly, abundantly so - for the broken-hearted.  He comforts them in ways we could never ask for or imagine.  He pours out His love and asks us to just stand there with our hands open to receive it.

Please share this incredible true story with someone who might need it.  Or share it with everyone. We all need to know and be reminded of the heart, power, and grace of our Savior!

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