Friday, April 18, 2014

Letter to HISD re: Good Friday Reboot

Well, it's Good Friday.  My kids aren't at school.  In fact, Sophia and I were just discussing what her class was doing.  Since we are early risers here, I let her know her class wasn't in P.E. as she proposed, but just getting to/starting school.  I did hear a rumor a lot of teachers in the Houston Independent School District aren't going to be there today either.

They can take the religious holiday exemption too.  I think that's great.  I know the day was pre-selected before year was ever started, but since HISD administration changes things mid-stride all the time, I figure they could take a cue from their cousin district, Spring Branch, and tack a day on at the end of the year.  Probably be just as much of a headache to do that as all the absences on Good Friday.

Anyway, enough of my soapbox.  I'm re-booting this post, edited a little because I want to focus on why we kept our kids out of school today.  It's Good Friday y'all.  It's the day Jesus died for us, the day He willingly became sin for me, for you, for everyone.  We are going to dye Easter eggs and they are going to make resurrection rolls with our wonderful friend, Ms. Janice. And I'm going to look into our Good Friday options at church and hopefully take at least Natalie.

I want this Good Friday to be different, I want it to be meaningful and focused.  So, it will be.  Here is my previously stated stance, from a slightly different perspective.  Welcome to Good Friday and have a blessed Resurrection Day!

Dear HISD School Board,

 Today is April 18th, 2014, one of the scheduled make-up day for a couple of "snow/ice days" in January.  I know you know by now it is  also Good Friday.  You also chose Memorial Day and that is still up in the air for our attendance purposes.  

For today, as a fervent believer in Jesus Christ, the idea of taking my kids to school on one of the Holiest days of the year stirs up my spirit.  You see Good Friday is the heart of my faith.  It is the reason I'm a Christian.  That day - nearly two thousand years ago - allows me to walk free of sin, guilt and shame.  It gives me freedom from living for the drama of my own agenda and the authority to walk in the wonder of God's plan.

Today is the day Jesus bore all those awful things for me on the Cross, as well as a whole host of other ways I was strapped to the table of eternal judgement.  Because I believe in the horror of Good Friday, I can believe in the incredible hope of Resurrection/Easter Sunday.  It leads me free from the weight of this world; including all the junk I used to (and still) carry around. I'm committed to raising my kids in this faith.  So, I want to thank you for an easy chance to teach them about it.  

This gives me the perfect opportunity to show my girls' how faith applies to life.  Good Friday and Easter Sunday are absolutely the most important events in history, ever.  Because we are out of school, I have the whole day to teach them why our faith is unique, why sin was so awful, God had to die for it.  

I will tell them why Jesus rising from the dead is the miracle from which we base our faith.  Without that event, He would not have proved He was God and our belief would be irrelevant and foolish.  With His resurrection, though, all power is bequeathed to us and we are given the opportunity to live abundant, miraculous lives.  We are saved, made alive, forever!  


You've given me a chance to explain our religious civil liberties.  It is a privilege to be American and I want them to absorb the impact of that privilege.  We currently live in a country where we will suffer little to no consequence from our religious choices.  We've lived in other countries, so I understand the gravity of this right.  We have the right to honor God any day of the year and that's a wonderful thing.
The Son of Man had to suffer and die.  He did and I'm so grateful.  I'm thankful for Christ's finished work on the Cross.  I hope other families will join us in our sacrifice of thanksgiving and also take the opportunity to tell others about today.  I hope you will know the truth by which we have been set free: Christ lived, died and now alive!

In the faith, hope and love, 

Amy W. Vogel, Lover of Jesus and City of Houston Taxpayer

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Janice and James said...

Hallelujah! What a Savior!! "When I survey that wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died, my richest gain I count but loss and pour contempt on all my pride! so amazing , so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all!!"