Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Natalie: Year 11 - Birthday Poem

I meant to write a poem for Natalie when she turned 10.  I finally got around to it.  Pretty familiar Wakefield family tradition - poems on milestones.  Better late than never and she got to read it just after having breakfast in bed (a relatively new Vogel family tradition).  For the rest of her birthday - day, she is going to have treats at school.  Then we are going to a mac-and-cheese only restaurant with my family.  Perfect for my girl.  She will get to celebrate with Dave's family in a couple of weeks.

To the left, she is in the middle of all the before-school birthday festivities, with her new rip-stick. (To the right is the gratuitous picture with Toddler, who kept photo-bombing the other shots.)  What a treat she is!  Love this girl so much......
God's mercy to me is plain
All over your beautiful face.
I look at it and all I can do is
Thank Him for this every day grace.

Your prayers are always answered.
Your jokes (almost) always funny.
Your brain is constantly working,
But it's your unceasing kindness that is sweeter than honey.

Eleven years have flown by.
One day never like the last.
And I know someday that today,
Will seem like a long time in the past.

But for the moment, I want to treasure that,
Everything is still new and exciting for you.
Even your Mac-And-Cheese obsession leads us
To try something new.

Soon, you will be all grown.
A woman in your own right.
When you’ve moved away,
I will miss tucking you in at night.

You’ve taught me how to be a Mom.
You are teaching me, still.
You challenge me to be better.
It’s not a burden, it’s a thrill.

Daddy and I are so proud of you;
It’s tough to think you’ll be soon off on your own.
Even though we want to see what’s next,
We regret it will eventually involve a phone.  (Not today though.)

Always remember I love you,
I am the one who loves you best.
Spread your wings and fly, little bird,
Just always come back to the nest.

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