Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Diving in again!

*Sigh* It's so nice to be back in a official Bible Study again! I feel so much more centered and grounded when I have study to motivate my prayer life. Not that I was totally out of it but it's just more of a commitment when I'm reporting in. And the one I'm doing now is a study on Ephesians, which I've never been able to get in to. I must admit, I have a mental block when it comes to Paul. I don't always "get" what he is saying. He packs so much into one sentence--it would help if I could "exegete" Scripture but I'm not there yet.

Anyhoo--this study is great--it's a verse by verse study on Ephesians. This morning I read some commentary about how it's outlined and the major themes. One of the questions in my study was how many times the phrase "in Christ or in Him" appears. (And variations thereof) I found that it appears 37 times in Ephesians and ~167 times throughout the New Testament. The summary I was reading pointed out that phrase is so chock full of goodness for us. I never really realized it, but that phrase gives us everything we need to persevere in this life as we strive towards our heavenly goal. Security, assurance, power, inheritance, strength, participation in His purposes--everything that Jesus is and does is the work of The Father. Pretty amazing how one phrase can so sum up our faith and how worthy Christ is of our worship!

God maybe long-suffering but He gifted His servant Paul with eloquence and intelligence that could possibly unmatched in our history!

You go God (and so glad you do it through Christ)!!!

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angie said...

What commentary are you using? When we did Ephesians study we also used MacArthur commentary - great read and explanations!

Enjoy - it's a great book! Amazing what's packed into those few chapters! :)