Tuesday, September 30, 2008

National Day of Repentance

So, it all it home this morning. I was running and the song by Brandon Heath came on - "Give me your eyes" and I've included the lyrics below. It has happened before - God has spoken in my heart powerfully and He did again today. Last night, Dave and I were talking about the state of our world, especially our nation. Granted, we are exiles or, more modernly, ex-pats right now - but we closely watch what's going on. I was doing dishes and I had an idea for a National Day of Repentance.

And this morning, maybe it's because the song is so close because of my head phones or I'm focused on not much else (besides how much I'm hurting running), but it was so powerful. I was so moved to weep for my country and where it is. I know now why I was studying Nehemiah again, I know exactly how he felt when he heard about the state of Israel, when he was in Babylon. He wept and so did I. I contained it enough until I could make it out of the gym but got in my car and just bawled. I cried out to The Lord - our nation needs you - so many people are hurting, or out of work, losing their homes, in devastation from the hurricane. We are facing so much Lord, we need to return to you.

And I read a devotional the other day about one person can make a difference. Combine that with Lauren asking me to lead one session during their Advent study of Nehemiah - it's all coming together. We must lift all our brokenness up to The One who can Heal our Land. He is willing. Nehemiah did it - if each one of us chooses, we can too. We can vote, we can reach out, we can give more. We can rebuild this nation together.

Little is much if God is in it and this is a big job. We need Him and only Him to help us. We need to be in sackcloth and ashes asking for forgiveness for our wayward choices, we need to repent and run to the shelter of His wings. We need to as a Church. As His body, we need to live our lives as living sacrifices. He will not leave us broken and bleeding on the altar - He will raise us up again.

Please Lord, come soon. More to come and if you are reading this and want to participate in a National Day of Repentance, talk to your pastor and get your grassroots moving in your church. This goes far beyond denomination, Catholic versus Protestant. We need to bring hope through The One who made the universe and in a hurry.

Here is the link to Brandon's video and below are the lyrics: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWIpQuGwSyQ

Look down from a broken sky
Traced out by the city lights
My world from a mile high
Best seat in the house tonight
Touch down on the cold black top
Hold on for the sudden stop
Breathe in the familiar shock
Of confusion and chaos
All those people going somewhere
Why have I never cared

Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
Give me your arms for the broken-hearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me your eyes so I can see

Step out on a busy street
See a girl and our eyes meet
Does her best to smile at me
To hide what's underneath
There's a man just to her right
Black suit and a bright red tie
Too ashamed to tell his wife
He's out of work, he's buying time
All those people going somewhere
Why have I never cared


I've been here a million times
A couple of million eyes
Just move and pass me by
I swear I never thought that I was wrong
Well, I want a second glance
So give me a second chance
To see the way You've seen the people all along

Chorus (x2)

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