Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Psalm 121 - my version

I wake up and look around - how am I going to get through this?
The Lord! My great joy and hope - The Designer and Crafter of everything around me.
He will not let me falter - where I've gone, I don't have to go again - even as I sleep, He watches and protects me.
He made it all and watches over all - no need for sleep - HE IS GOD!
He protects me and you, He is a hiding place so close - warm and safe - within reach.
He will not allow any being to come against us - nothing created can harm us - He created all!
He will keep save my very spirit - the life He breathed into me.
He will guard me every minute of everyday - throughout eternity - time everlasting.

(This was the end of Day 4 of Week 1 - writing our own version of Psalm 121 - it just poured out of my grateful heart - so full of The Lord. Praise Him - He is doing all things for His glory!!)

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