Monday, April 13, 2009

World Weary Traveler

I'm home - in a physical sense. The girls and I have been in Houston for the last 15 days, without Dave. Made me realize where home is. It's that old saying - where your heart is. In this world - my home is with Dave - our family just doesn't work well when we are not working as a team, side by side. And as I listen to the new song by MercyMe "Finally Home" I reflect on my status on this earth. Temporary and fleeting. My home is really with Christ and that's what is important. You could say I'm weary. I'm weary of the change The Lord has worked in me over the last year. But Eternally grateful. Weary of the pain I see my loved ones endure. But I can pray. Weary of the little complaints that are endless. But joyful to hear it. Weary of keeping my body as a temple. But feel much better when I do. Weary of the foolishness of this world and some of the people who are in it. But I know there is better waiting for me.

Everything about this Walk with Christ is simple and complicated at the same time. It's two-sided. Maybe that is what I'm most weary of. Just when you think things are one way - they turn out to be another. We are facing a move back to The States - I'm already weary of the moving process - it feels like we just settled in.

But I can rest in knowing that nothing is permanent and The One who created it all has me in His Hand. So, I can be weary. But my burden is light - and I can go to The One who will give me rest anytime. I'm going to do that tonight so I can stand firm tomorrow. He is my rest and my restoration and I will praise Him. Whatever trouble tomorrow brings of it's own, I will face it knowing my home is waiting for me. In a place that is no longer complicated, with no more pain or tears or foolishness. But first, I have to get my small children to sleep. Joy and pain all wrapped in one. :)

Maybe I will tell them about this place we are all going to one day - to bring them sweet dreams. We shall see how it works. :)

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