Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So this is what it feels like!

Wow - God is so good! So faithful and when He has a plan for your life and you choose to obey - you really have to sit back and watch it happen. I really have to blog about Him tonight - because He is making things happen. My life has never and will never be the same and He is showing it.

In April, I got a call to write and now I have several projects in the works. He has inspired them all. When we came back from Trinidad, the plan was for me to go back to work in September 2010 when Sophia goes to Pre-K. As these last few months have unfolded, it has become clear to me that I have no desire to go back to traditional corporate work, but that has changed Dave's mind. Today, God's plan got a big boost when, as of Sunday, I was afforded the opportunity to start writing for The Examiner, my own column on faith. I doubt it will pay much as I'm starting to think the writer's life won't, but it pays and it's a real boost to my desire to be a professional writer. And it helps maybe give Dave a glimmer of what God has in store.

But back to God - I have always wanted to be part of a mission bathed and smothered in prayer and He has finally given me the chance. Now, I need to pray even harder the messages I communicate via this website and my new one will be for Him, about Him, to Him and through Him.

As I was so anxious last night when my original application didn't go through and had to redo it this morning - I had dreams all about writing. Even during my run, I was anxious, which is really not in character for me - I get over stuff pretty easy. So I was just talking to God in my head and He answered me with a name from my Sunday School class - THE DOOR. I didn't even really have much experience with that Name of God but boy did He prove it this morning! He is The Door and if it His will, He will open and nothing man-made can stand in the way!

Lord - you are so Mighty and I will praise You! Please keep me in the center of Your Will, forgive me for my pity party and judgment of others - help me to love You the way You love me and let that love flow through to others!!

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