Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making a Difference

Do you ever wonder if you are making a difference in the lives of others?

We humans crave tangible proof but something as undefinable as "a difference" can't be measured. Unless someone comes right on out and tells you, it might not be something you ever know.

Pride is my besetting sin. I am achievement motivated and the way I measure that is often by acknowledgment. My love language is words of affection. It's all woven together, how I feel good. I do something good, please tell me I'm doing something good. (And when the pride really kicks in, I'm going to tell you how good of a job I'm doing...)

This is a constant struggle for me. Friends tell me I'm humble, but I know the truth. I know my heart of darkness craves an "atta-boy" but it never satisfies, I am left wanting more. It's like a drug.

I've been rededicated to The Lord for nearly 6 1/2 years now and this issue of pride has taken many blows. The Lord keeps beating it down in me, forcing me on my face before Him because He, not I, is the only One worthy of praise. Even if I do something for Him, I don't need to be seeking others attention for it.

In Matthew 6:2, Jesus tells us not to announce our good deeds because it will show that what you really care about is praise from men - and in that, you will received all your ever gonna get.

About 5 years ago, I was really struggling with all that I was doing to make my marriage work but didn't feel like my husband was contributing the same effort. A Word from God came to me in that moment and I audibly heard Him say, "But I will honor you."

It was clear to me then that when I put aside my own desire for recognition and seek only to glorify The Lord - He would bring me up alongside Him. I would share in His glory but only if I put His glory first.

Living an authentic life is not about being perfect - it's about living your life uncompromised. It's about placing a higher priority on Him & His Truth than what the world tells you. And it's about standing up for what we know is right.

Most of the time, we do that quietly. Most of the time we do that just by making sure we are involved in our Church. It's knowing our callings and living them. It's about being the consistent presence of Christ in the life of others, speaking His name and just being the one person people know they can come to.

So, to wrap this all up - I just want you to know God sees how you are doing that - and so do others. He will honor your faithfulness and love for Him. And He will make sure it spills over to others. I got that blessing today. Someone came right out and told me I'm the Jesus in their life. What greater honor can I seek?

He spoke my love language today, which is more than enough for me to keep going. He honored me because He was honored. And that fills me up more than any human recognition ever could. I don't need to get filled on pride, I've been filled on honor.

You keep doing that too. Keep being authentic, not perfect - but real. He will honor you!

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