Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"It is easier to stay out than get out." Mark Twain

No truer words were ever said, especially about temptation. The Lord let us know from the very beginning of people that the temptation to sin was crouching at the door.

He also tells us we have to master it. Master it? Temptation? Part of me thinks that is only possible for Jesus. Joseph was certainly good at it - running off and leaving his cloak in Potiphar's wife's hands.

But why is it so hard to master temptation? Why is sin so easily to fall into?

I think a lot of it has to do with not knowing what it looks like in our life. If we are not aware of the things that hold us captive and the triggers that prompt us to fall back into them, then how can we ever reach master status?

This is been a constant theme in the last 2+ years of my life. Ever since we moved to and from Trinidad, it was clear to me that I needed to be on guard. Was I? No, not a lot and it got me into trouble.

Something came up this past week and then last night that made me aware of my need to be more vigilant, with the way to be vigilant coming to light as well.

It's an old friend I've written about - pride rearing its ugly head, spilling over into anger. So, this morning as I listed to Adie's song "Where could I go?", it really began to sink in. It began to make the transition from my head to heart.

I know my triggers and when I feel them coming, I need to remember where I need to go. And I can't say it anymore beautifully than Adie:

Where could I go
But into your presence
Where could I run
But into your arms
All of my roads
Lead to this redemption
Father you know the way nobody knows
So where could I go

I don't think it will be easy, but it is a discipline I need to practice if I'm going to master my sin. It's obvious to me I can not do it in my own strength (I've tried and tried and tried). And it may take me the rest of my life, but the more I run for cover, I know He will help.

How do you overcome temptation?

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