Monday, August 16, 2010

Last week of Summer

School is back in session next week. That is somewhat bittersweet. Last week, I would have told you it was just sweet because I was so ready for my girls to be somewhere other than underfoot. But facing our last week of 24x7 together (and a busy one at that), on this last Monday today seems more like baking than milk chocolate.

It means my girls will both be in school. I will have the majority of the day to myself. Wow, how awesome and somewhat daunting.

It means they are one year older. The school year now marks the passing of age, versus months (as babies) or birthdays. Wow, how awesome and somewhat daunting.

It means I'm one year older. I will have two kids in school, never to return to the pre-school/day care schedule again. They will be fending for themselves rather than being fed and cared for by lovely older ladies who coddle and coo over every milestone. We will have homework, extracurricular activities and soon both will know how to read. Wow, how awesome and somewhat daunting.

My mirror may not reflect that time is marching across my face (it will soon, I'm sure) but the heights and vocabularies of my girls show me plainly that life is fleeting. I look into their precious faces and not only regret my short words when I was impatient these last few months, but hold onto the special moments we've shared.

It has been a summer for a lot of firsts, including Disney World, roller skating, learning to swim, minute to win it, swim team, and water parks. There has also been the weekly trip to Chick Fil 'A, the pool, the library, Mom's house and cousins over. It has been a great mix of familiar and new.

I write this more to document our time together but also to remind myself that next summer, I need to treasure more and fuss less. (If that's possible.)

We are but shadows and dust but for a little while, I have flesh and blood to snuggle, teach and experience life through their eyes.

We might be taking this week to get prepared, but also to remember before the chaos sets in. Thank you Lord for the respite!

P.S. If you want some tips on getting ready for school, check out Lisa Archinal's blog. Great tips, thanks!

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