Thursday, August 12, 2010

When you can't say what needs to be said

Have you ever been in one of those conversations where you feel like your brain is spinning and you have something very important to say, but when you open your mouth - nothing comes out?

And the worst part about it for me was, what I had to say makes so much sense. I just couldn't get it out. Something was physically preventing me from saying it.

Here are my 3 theories on why:
1. I would like to say that perhaps it was The Holy Spirit putting that muzzle on me again. If that was the case, it was because the person I was talking to was not willing to hear the truth. Perhaps The Holy Spirit knew that what I was about to say, at this point, would cause more damage in the life of a person who doesn't need any more. It was supernatural wisdom - but I need to be patient for my opportunity to bring this wisdom.

2. Or it could be the other side. Maybe the enemy just confounded me so I couldn't speak. My brain was a whirl and I couldn't articulate. The enemy did not want this other person to hear the truth, his goal is to thwart all of The Lord's plans after all. Maybe he just devoured the thoughts as they formed in my mind.

3. Or it could have been that it just wasn't my job to say it.

Speaking the truth in love is a very handy ability but it is not always our job in a particular relationship. While I don't doubt The Lord wants me to use this Spirit-given gift, to this person in particular, it has to come from a source with a little more perspective, a little more distance.

It is no less frustrating when you have someone you want to speak to, but for my part - I trust I must wait for the opportunity. If The Lord wants me to open my mouth, He will provide the words. I'll rest in that and keep praying The Lord will bring that wisdom to the right mouth at the right time!

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