Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Esther Moment

I wrote an email to my Bible Study leader this morning and in it, I mentioned that this was my "Esther" moment.

Why her? I don't have much of anything common with her - she lived 2500 years ago, she was a queen, she was a Jew. But we do share one thing. It's that one thing Jack Palance in City Slickers talked about. The one thing you were meant to do, made for. It is what Mordecai says, via messenger, to Esther in Chapter 4, verse 14 of her book.

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

We have been purposed for this situation. Well, it certainly seems like it - it's big, I mean really big. And with all of you reading this, God has to be stirring something in your heart.

Why me? I don't know and most of the time, I'd rather go back to what life was like 2 weeks ago.

But there is a real deliverance opportunity in the book of Esther, and in my life. It boils to down to obedience - to The Lord and His Ways. I keep talking about choices because that is what it comes down to.

Do I want to be a part of the plan, or do I want to perish? Do I want to see what He is going to do, see His glory pass by? Or do I want Him to use someone else to achieve His ends?

I know for sure I want to be a part of it, but at the moment, Sophia is throwing a massive fit about not being able to eat. I mean full-on meltdown. It is tough to endure your child's fit under normal circumstances. But I have to just let her get it out. I completely understand her frustration and sometimes nothing but a good fit will help. Bleh.

So, I come back to the point. (and should make it short)

Perhaps this is our time, and it is yours too. Esther could not have done what she did, put her neck on the line for all of the Jews in the Persian Empire, without the support of her community. They prayed and fasted with her for 3 days, to ensure The Lord had prepared her to approach the king, even if it meant she was beheaded on the spot.

You have been with us for much longer than 3 days. You are our Mordecais. We are all in this together, this is our moment to shine.

Keep being the light in our darkness, it is working.

P.S. Sophia is fine now. We leave for the spinal tap & bone marrow aspiration in about 45 minutes so for the moment, she is watching Popeye and drinking lemonade and will have a nice long sleep this afternoon, thanks to a sedative.

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Mrs. T. said...

Father, We lift up Sophia to You. Grant her as easy a time as possible at the hospital today. Hold her and her family in the palm of Your hand as she undergoes these tests this afternoon. We pray for the best possible reports. We pray for clear, clear margins. And we pray for strength for Sophia, Amy, Dave, and Nat as they continue on this journey. We ask these things trusting in the name of your blessed Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.