Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Day Poem - November, 2010

I have always wanted to be a songwriter. To be able to communicate an idea and the emotion behind in beautiful words and melody, what a dream that would be!

But alas, 'tis not my gift. Instead I have to settle for a mediocre version of my father's very capable ability at poetry. I have to rhyme everything - I didn't learn much from Emily Barrett Browning, Robert Frost or even Shakespeare. Didn't rub off, I guess.

So forgive the poetic musings. Today was a day worth writing in lines. Not perfect, but really, really good.

Thank you Lord.

What makes the perfect day for you?
We, here, know what it includes.
Love, fun and a movie.
Plenty of play and plenty of food.

It is not often lately,
We can come by this mix.
There isn’t much right now,
We can fix.

So, each day presents itself,
Before The Lord.
Then it comes to us,
And we must choose to move forward.

Nothing about this is easy,
But we have respites.
Today was one of those days –
Free of any large, scary frights.

We are just a family,
Trying to make it through –
Circumstances we cannot carry,
But somehow we do.

It is all quiet now,
In our new house.
Nothing bothering us –
No stupid tummies or a mouse.

Sister is great,
Such a hardy little soul,
Daddy is working
His Fingers to the bone.

Mommy tries to be brave,
But mostly she fails.
So she hugs all the time,
And kisses till I yell.

I’m just a little bitty,
With a big Cross to carry.
But I’m not alone,
And I will not tarry.

No waiting on getting well,
Each day is a new one.
So if you learn anything from me,
This is a season that will soon be done.

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janice wright said...

So sweet!!!