Monday, November 1, 2010

Psalm 23 - the 4 year old version

Well, I had planned to write on Genesis 22, when Abraham is asked to obey God and sacrifice Isaac. You can probably see where I would go with that. And I might yet still write about it - but I need time to live through it. Right now, I'm only in that 3 day walk period from Beersheba to Mount Moriah.

But I'm looking for the ram, I assure you.

So, tonight I think I will just pass along the version of Psalm 23 that came out of my mouth just now. I was trying to get Sophia to bed (as she has been quite tired/fussy this afternoon from getting to bed later than usual last night thanks to trick or treating) and promised her a story. It was a vain promise because it was on the condition she stop fussing, which she didn't So, when she brought it up, I was annoyed.

Just goes to show you The Lord can use you no matter what your attitude is.

It literally came out of nowhere. I do know that The Lord grounded it in Psalm 145:18, which I studied this morning. I have a feeling I will be telling it again over the next 40+ weeks as we go through this treatment schedule. And I am sure I will embellish it, as this was the highly edited "Go to sleep now" version.

Thank you Lord for using even a frustrated Mommy to speak Your truth into the hearts of two little girls who want to hear it!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. One day, she was walking through the forest and came upon a very dark, shadowy part. She looked at it, uncertain she should go in, so she thought about it for awhile. And the more she though about, the more scared she got. She got so scared that she was frozen to the spot. Then, quite suddenly, she remembered that Her Father always told her, if she needed help, to call out His Name. Then He would be right there with her. Staring at that shadowy spot, seeing nothing but blackness - she whispered Her Father's Name.

Suddenly, He appeared right next to her. Smiling at her, He took her hand and led her into the darkness. She wasn't afraid anymore and when they walked through the darkness together, she realized it was just a thick curtain.

They walked straight through it - into the biggest party she'd ever seen! And it was all for her!

And she would never have known it was there, until she called on Her Father.

Sweet Dreams!

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