Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank You

So, I haven't been keeping up well on my weekly Examiner articles. They always did just kind of "come" to me and then I would put my thoughts out there. So much of what I'm writing about now, though, is so personal, this blog is a better forum.

And I've said before on here that I get a lot of ideas while I'm running. Today I "got" one for my Examiner page. It happened to be after parting with my running partner. I was almost home and it struck me. Last year, I spent so much of my time solitary, it is incredibly refreshing to be part of community again. Sharing with people, learning about them and enjoying their perspective.

When you are in relationship with The Lord, He uses all sorts of different methods to reveal His plan. A few thoughts were floating around and I realized many prayers I'd been praying for many different people, in all their wacky ways, were being answered.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude. It might have the early morning sun or the chill, but I just couldn't help but say "Thank you Lord" with an overflowing heart.

I do that a lot lately. My prayer life has been sketchy in the last 3 weeks, just mostly stolen moments. Most of the time I just say "Thank You." Even on the first night, at the ER, I told Him I would thank Him for whatever was causing Sophia's eye issue. And I even said I would thank Him for cancer.

He knows how hard it was for me to give that up, how scary the thought that my 4 year old has cancer. So, in return for that offering, He has given me a spirit that can look all around me and feel honored I am a part of this plan. Most of the time, like I did this morning, I just said "Thank you" with tears in my eyes. Sometimes I ask for help and (more rarely now) I intercede for others. I hope to get back, one day, to the long walks through Scripture with Christ, but I know right now now these brief prayers are enough for us both.

I'll leave you with an oldie but goodie. I'm going to teach it to Natalie and Sophia today because it sums it all up:

Great is thy faithfulness;
Great is thy faithfulness;

Morning by morning new mercies I see!
All I have needed thy Hand hath provided.

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto thee.

P.S. Sophia is doing good, although the port insertion site is still sore. She is generally in good spirits, not eating AS much, but still packing it away. We have talked a lot about her losing her hair and it still seems not to bother her. I'm sure it is a strange, unknown concept - so we will just cross that bridge when we get there.

My brother had knee surgery yesterday, please pray for him. He is strong - but it still hurts and he has a lot of other stuff in his life right now. He is carrying many burdens that I pray he will be relieved of soon and I know he would be blessed by your prayers!

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