Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rock and Roll

The troll continues to roll out the rocks. We continue to dodge. More craziness does not dilute the dependence. It can't - not with the progress, despite some *ahem* bathroom issues (or lack thereof).

Sophia's bloodcounts are up - despite our oncologist's grim prognosis! (It's her job) In fact, her platelets are actually above normal levels - in the "excellent" category, which means her bone marrow is right on point, even after all the chemicals we are pumping in tell it to lay down and sleep already. She goes to school the rest of the week!

Prayers are working!

Speaking of prayers, God moves. He moved through my friends, The Willis' son, Jones (5 years old), last night who wanted to pray in his head because he was tired, but he promised to say special prayers for a little girl named Sophia he has never met - FIRST. (cue waterworks!)

Tonight, it's our turn to see Him work through a little child.

You see - our elementary school lost someone yesterday in a horrible accident. It happened to be the mother of a little boy in Natalie's class. They have been talking about it, so much that I had to walk away (I couldn't handle it).

Natalie, however, is processing this all much better than I. She told me and Dave about what happened tonight. She talked a lot about Jimmy (the boy in her class) and how she plays with him but doesn't sit with him at lunch because he always has pals around. She also told us about his family being around him yesterday, because it was his birthday. She said when he started to feel sad, it was good that his family was around him.

I had suggested earlier that we pray, tonight, for Jimmy. I could say long winded, full-of-Scripture prayers. But what she said for him tonight was far better.

Dear Lord,

Please help Jimmy not to be sad.
Please be with Jimmy's Mom, so she can be your friend in Heaven.
Please help Jimmy to come back to school, so he can have fun.

In Jesus Name....

And all of God's People said, "Amen."


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and Amen!

Gindi said...

Matthew 11 - Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children."