Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chemo Kits

Well, so many things I've wanted to write about - but unfortunately my flesh has been weaker than normal as of late!

This is just a quick note to get a gauge on something I thought of this week.

We've learned a lot about how to handle and/or prevent the discomfort that comes from the side effects of chemo in the last 3-4 weeks. But while the information might have been there all along, we didn't know to ask. I made the comment to my running partner this morning that they need to hand out little "welcome kits" when you start your treatment. A basket that includes essential items that a lot of times you would never think of unless you were going through chemo - and even then, until you are desperate.

She said "Well, you could do that!"

And she is right.

What a perfect way to minister to people who are where we are, and a way for us to give back a tiny portion of the love we've have and are receiving.

Hence, the idea of the "chemo kit" has been born (name still pending!)

I'm sure this will morph and it is a take off on several things people have done for us - but mostly, it is a way to give back a tiny portion of the love we've received (and keep receiving.)

I am thinking this would probably be for those just starting on their journey, but you never know when someone might need something. Here is a list of what I've thought of thus far - please leave a comment if you think I should add or subtract to it. Right now, my thought is to make it work for adults or children, so if you have anyone in mind you'd like to send one too - let's talk about it!

(Just send me a message on Facebook or email me - - with subject line "chemo kit.")

I can't promise this is something I can pour a ton of energy/time into right now, but I'd like to bless others around me, because you have all blessed us so much.

Chemo Kit Ingredients
Travel size Purell
Travel size handwipes
Bottle of Tyelnol
Maalox & Benadryl - mixed 1/2 & 1/2 for mouthwash to heal ulcers
Lanolin cream - in breastfeeding isle, best treatment for dry, chapped lips
Notebook & File Folder- for writing down what doctors & nurses say, appointments, etc. and tracking all the paperwork you get
Box of Pens - cause you never have one when you need one
Activities - would vary depending on age and interest
Pocket Size New Testament or Upper Room - mine has been very handy!
Reusable Water Bottle - earth friendly of course!
Pack of Gum, Mints, Lifesavers - something to clear the palate
"Great Expectations" Note - A letter of encouragement and advice on the process (what we've learned so far)

Additional items I'm thinking about including:
Milk of Magnesia
Sample bottle of Ensure or Pediasure
Diaper Cream/Vaseline

I so look forward to your feedback and any questions!!


Lynne Piper said...

Hi Amy:

Sounds like a great idea. I'm wondering if you started with a small goal, like just assembling 20 chemo kits. You could gather the supplies by starting a spreadsheet of donations. Drop off donations at your front door perhaps. Once we have enough to assemble the 20, we can have a little gathering to put the packages together. Those are just a few thoughts. I'm in for whatever I can do to help.

CK said...

Amy I would like to help with this. I can get some items and would like to help with the assembly! Please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Amy, my heart goes out to you and your family. I pray everyday for little Sophia. It just breaks my heart that she is having to go through such an ordeal. The Lord holds her in his arms, and as the Master Healer, will pull her through this difficult journey to be whole and well again. Your faith is strong, but is certainly being put to the test. You will pass this test and be even stronger. God Bless you guys. Love and hugs from your Cousin Carolyn Cooper.