Friday, February 18, 2011

The Help Hangover

I made a comment on Facebook yesterday about how I was going to miss my in laws (and the freedom having them here as afforded me) when they leave next weekend. They've been staying with us through the duration of Sophia's radiation treatments, which she will complete next Friday, the 25th.

(That is also going to be our first Team Sophia shirt day, if you have one and can wear it!)

A friend from the neighborhood replied, "Boy, I know the help-hangover sucks!"

It really, really does. Not many people can say they enjoy having their in laws stay with them, much less for 5 weeks. For us, this is just another great outpouring of God's love. They are great people and very easy to live with, just a wonderful blessing to have experienced during this journey as a family.

In a way, we all look forward to getting back to life as normal (especially them getting back home to Indiana). On the other hand, it will be really rough on the girls and my mother-in-law, emotionally. I know Natalie, especially, will be a wreck. Memaw is her best friend. I can deal with not having the time to run around and do what I want. (Although, as stated, I will greatly miss it)

There is ALWAYS an adjustment period, but my question is, how long will it last?

We have a week to prepare, so while this blog is usually for commentary, I'm going to put the question about to cyberspace. I would love your advice in helping us transition into another new normal. How have you dealt with situations like this?

The girls usually take a few days to get over a long weekend visit, what should I expect after a 5 week long visit?

Their presence has changed my parenting style for sure. I have taken more than a few tips from the "grand-parenting handbook" in how to distract and deal with my children. I have been so much less harried and stressed, much more calm with the girls. But being exclusively on-point between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm will be an adjustment for me too. I don't want to abandon all I've learned or experienced in terms of my own mothering improvements.

I really look forward to your recommendations on making this hangover go away quick!

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Mrs. T. said...

What a blessing! Are the in-laws Internet savvy? Maybe the girls could Skype them every day for a while.