Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Birthday Presents

Shortly, I'm going to write a Everyday Christian post about Lamentations 3:21-24 - in which Jeremiah famously states that The Lord's mercies/compassion's/kindnesses are new every morning.

That certainly has defined the last 4 days.

After such a terrible time Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the grace poured down like rain, starting Friday. We left the hospital (early!), my Mom is on the mend and we were able to have a very relaxed weekend.

I thought I would take today as an opportunity to meditate on and list the blessings that fill my heart. I think birthdays are good for that. I learned long ago that the less I made of people recognizing it, the more I actually got out of it. And even though I don't have material presents this year, I'm glad because it puts what I have into incredible perspective.

So here is my list.

Year 36 Birthday Blessings (Presents)
1. Hugs & Kisses from my girls.
2. Hugs & Kisses from my husband.
3. The ability to look into their sweet faces and hear their voices, knowing God gave them just to me.
4. Many texts/calls/FB messages from family and friends to let me know they are thinking of me.
5. A whole day (yesterday) with my girls at the zoo, including a large pretzel for me and cotton candy for them along with many laughs and priceless memories. (Oh and an umbrella - gotta love Texas weather.)
6. Hearing my Mom tell me Happy Birthday.
7. Joking with my Brother.
8. Time to pray, study and write.
9. Going out to dinner.
10. Self-given permission not to clean the bathrooms.
11. A husband who chose to stay home with me on my birthday.
12. A green goddess smoothie for breakfast.
13. Good hair (for the moment).
14. Good skin (for the moment).
15. A beautiful (and cool) day.
16. A relatively short to do list.
17. No shortage of laughter.
18. A healthy family.
19. A healthy body.
20. Peanut Butter.

Last but not least:

21. Another day/opportunity to let people know how good life can be, despite any circumstance. Joy in the midst of our trials is the greatest gift I've been given. I wouldn't have chosen to learn about it this way, but but I'm glad for the person The Lord is continuing to mold me into.

Wait patiently, expect hopefully and love mightily.

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Gindi said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend - I'm so glad your in the midst of a blessings shower.