Friday, June 3, 2011

What is Jesus Bling?

I have probably explained this. Maybe I haven't. I know it hasn't been lately. But I admit, this is an odd title for a blog.

I started it 2+ years ago and the goal was for it to be a vehicle for me to document the spiritual walk I am on. Sometimes it's good! Sometimes it's bad. I so appreciate that anyone other than me and my Mom read this (if she even still does.) And more than anything, I appreciate God letting me have this opportunity talk about him.

My sincere desire, from both lessons as a Christian and as a Methodist, is to live in a way that people know I love Christ. Sometimes, while cleaning the house, at afternoon pickup, at the pool or on early morning runs, I can get sidetracked. At the grocery store, driving in traffic, at a PTO meeting and even at church. It can happen anywhere - I lose sight of Him because I'm looking at me.

But this idea - of putting Jesus on as sweet perfume, the adornment of my persona - has remained. I always come back to it. I want to love; show grace; extend mercy and exhort people like He did on Earth and does now through His Holy Spirit. I want to do that because He does it for me, even when I am not faithful.

What Jesus Bling feels like is a curious mix of gratitude and humility. I can't think big of myself when I'm standing in His presence because what I have (spiritually, emotionally and materially) has come directly from Him.

One of the defining moments of the last 5 years has been doing Beth Moore's Psalm of Ascents study with my amazing Sisters in Trinidad. All of those Psalms stay with me, but in particular, Psalm 130 defines how I feel about God - these verses define my relationship with Him - especially in the last 8 months.

If you, LORD, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you. (v 3-4)

He is all I have, so when I choose on any given day to put that on, I desperately hope people can tell. I'm desperate because it is the only way to freedom. I want nothing more than others to know how good it feels to wear the precious gems of loving-kindness He has bestowed upon me.

(And yes, there is a princess theme here but that is another post....)

In closing, I want let another say it (even better). I heard this song for the first time this morning on my run. It's on Natalie Grant's latest album, Relentless. It is a song called "Beauty Mark." It is funky, fresh and brings me back to that Jesus Bling feeling I need to put on every day.

I wanna' look like love
I wanna' look like, live like faith
I wanna' live this life in me showing my face
I wanna' look like hope
I wanna' look like, live like grace
And I know just where to start
I'll let you be my beauty mark

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Gindi said...

What a wonderful fresh post to read to start my day. Thank you. Can't wait to hear the song.