Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TPT4KC This Week!

I decided, because we are leaving on vacation today, I would forgo this post. But when I woke at 5:15 am (wide awake) and couldn't get it off my mind, I understand now that The Lord doesn't take vacations. :)

Cancer, it seems, once it has touched your life, pops up like that new car you've decided you like. You start to see it everywhere. Not that people around me wouldn't have gotten cancer if Sophia hadn't, but it just seems like I know of a lot more of it lately. I'm not just talking about pediatric cancer, but adult cancer too. There are a lot of people struggling with its specter right now - but remarkably their faith stands out in stark contrast against cancer's gloomy backdrop.

It is their faith, their joy, their ability to celebrate and praise Him in the middle of a dark time that has me a little poetic this morning. Forgive me but I'm going to veer from my usual prose for a minute....

His light to us cannot be put out, no matter how dark the night.

His love for us cannot be extinguished, no matter how dark the soul.

His mercy towards us cannot be changed, no matter how dark the deed.

His faithfulness cannot be stopped, no matter how dark the path.

I remain convinced it is just not possible to see cancer and not see God. He is there. He is with us. He is performing miracles - if we would just ask to see them. Cancer can be the monkey on your back if you let it - and sometimes it is hard not to. So - there is the choice:

We either let God show us the miracles or we let Cancer weigh us down.

We are not perfect. We have bad days and struggle. But that shouldn't keep us from turning back to Him. No matter what, He is there.

Paul said it best in Romans 8:38-39.

I need to hear these words maybe as much as you do. Pray these darlings will know they are never, ever alone. Even when there is a set-back or crater in the road - although there maybe bad days full of doubt and fear and tears, The Lord has them in His Hands. Jesus is ever interceding for them and the Holy Spirit is always available to provide exactly what they need when they need it.


Sophia Vogel (5, soft tissue sarcoma behind left eye) - no chemo this week! She is getting counts this morning, pray they are good. She got some boo-boos yesterday. :( But after that, she is having a whole week with her grandparents, so pray for fun!

Anna Grace Dennis (7, cancer free from brain stem tumor) - Feeling yucky! It is definitely mono, which takes a long time to get over. Pray she will be able to rest as she has been for the last week and that The Lord would heal her mind, body and soul - once again!

Rylee Beard (5, Will's tumors in bladder/abdomen) - Outpatient visit this week. Rylee is also coming to the end of her protocol - pray she will not be delayed and will be able to start Kindergarten on time!

Holden Underwood (1, ALL/MLL) - Inpatient chemo this week, pray for availability of a room, no reaction to the drugs and no infection/issues with his line!

Brennan Scurlock (1, neuroblastoma) - Inpatient chemo this week, pray for peace and little to no nausea.

Courtney Pette (16, lymphoma) - continue to pray she continues to do well, gets rest and is ready to start school next month!

Kristina Barrett (9, sarcoma in lungs and arm) - All went well with her port removal. Pray the tumor responds to the current treatment and that she becomes cancer free!

Mark Ochoa (2, Wilm's Tumor) - Outpatient chemo this week, please pray he will be at peace, will be able to rest and not be too upset by all the pokes!

Tristan Smit (3, ependymoma) - His began at age 1, had surgery, removed it all, it came back, had surgery again, had radiation and finished in Jan 2011. He has recently had a brain infection and shunt blockage, which needed surgery to fix shunt. He is currently having some problems with walking and eye issues so please pray these will be resolved and he can grow up cancer free!!

Addison Marshall (17, ALL)

Natalie Fraker (4, astrocytoma)

Hudson Kadlecek (4, lymphoma)

Patton Jones (3, Burkitt's Lymphoma)

Ruel Bobet (20, stomach cancer)

Wyatt (2, ALL)

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