Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Angels Among Us

I've had multiple experiences in my short life that spoke clearly to supernatural intervention. I remember one time 6 or so years ago, Natalie and I were driving home from seeing a friend and we were almost crushed by an 18-wheeler on I-10. I was very shaken up by it, but in the end, we escaped without a scratch.

I am sure we have all had close calls like that. And it, of course, depends on your perspective and frame of mind how you process it. Coincidence, good luck or the universe was watching out for you are all ways of looking at it. But from my own experience-and indeed reading/watching a lot of cases about survival, most come away realizing that they were spared for a particular purpose. I think it is hard to come away from staring death in the face without realizing there is a God.

(Adds to my point a few months ago when I wrote about there being no atheists in foxholes....or hospitals.)

I don't talk or think too much about angels. Angels are highlighted in the Bible, there are numerous accounts of them. So, while I believe they exist, but I'd rather spend my time looking for God. Even back in the early Church, there was a group of people who mistakenly took to worshiping angels instead of God and I believe we are told about them so we will not make the same mistake. I don't want to be distracted from keeping my eyes on Christ (There are too many things that do that already!)

But the point of this post is not to debate the theology of angels.

There are angels surrounding this family. Maybe there is only one of them (and he/she is really, really on point ALL THE TIME). Maybe there is a battalion .

I do know that The Lord has commanded them concerning us (Psalm 91:11) and here is the proof.

In April, when Sophia and I were on our way to the ER for a fever - I was very distraught. I don't like the ER, even at TCH. I hate the thought of being at the hospital when it isn't scheduled. It also makes me very nervous because you don't go there except for emergencies (obvious, I know). I was crying all the way there, praying The Lord would calm me so I could endure for Sophia.

We were driving on south Buffalo Speedway and I turned to look out the passenger side window. As I was turning back, I caught a glimpse of silver and the form of a person sitting in the passenger seat. All the hair on my arms stood up and I felt a prickle run up my back. When I jerked my head back - there wasn't anyone there that I could see. (Sophia was in the back, sound asleep.)

I told my best friend about it that night - she actually came to the hospital to be with me. Given her gift of prophecy, when she told me I'd seen a manifestation to comfort and remind me the Lord was really with us - I believed her.

The next evidence happened just this morning. We were riding our bikes around the neighborhood, helping Natalie get ready for her kids triathlon on Saturday. On our way back, I was riding just a few feet in front of Sophia, when I heard a gasp. I turned back to watch her soar off her bike. When she landed, it was like she just bumped, rather than slammed to the ground like you expect. She'd hit her pedal on the curb and her bike, literally, dumped her off.

She was crying, so I picked her up. She was dirty from landing in freshly watered grass but other than that - there is not a bump, bruise or scratch on her. Her knees were on the concrete when I got her up, so there should have be something there.

But there wasn't and still isn't.

When she calmed down a few seconds later, we finished our bike ride and went swimming. I can only attribute how and where she landed to Someone protecting her as she fell. It was like I was watching her land on her bed, or a cushion. Or she was caught and lowered to the ground.

I'm pretty smart and I am certain there are logical explanations for both these experiences: In the first - I could have seen a reflection off the tear in my eye in the car; It could have been my fearful state of mine that produced a vision; In the second - Sophia could have just fallen in the right spot; She wasn't going all that fast, so it maybe isn't as serious as I make it out.

But I've seen her tear her knees open when she trips while walking. I was knocked unconscious, broke open my helmet and hurt my back pretty bad in my own fall from a bike 7 years ago. It could have/should have been much worse.

So, I choose to believe these two situations are the proof God is holding us safe. He is protecting us, surrounding us and catching us when we fall. I choose to believe He is saving us for a greater purpose: to encourage people to know Him, to engage with Him, to love Him and be in true relationship with Him. He is so much bigger than we ever give Him credit for. You don't have to be something "special" for God to intervene in your life. We aren't. But He does.

Thank God for Your angels that surround us. Thank You, also, Lord for the prayers that keep us safe.

But above all, Thank You Lord - for all that You are. I would not be here without You!

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