Monday, August 22, 2011

The Target Lady

It feels a little surreal that I'm sitting here getting all the paperwork and writing done - to my little heart's content - without being interrupted for food, movies or general boredom. It's great though, I gotta tell you.

It feels surreal because part of me keeps thinking....
Well, enjoy today because this could all be over tomorrow! Your perfect little plan could be blown to bits depending on what those results say! Don't count on this lasting!!!!
That little part of me keeps daring me to pick up the phone and call our oncologist. That little part of me makes me irritable and panicky.

But I'm not going to let that little part of me win. Because I believe The Lord has spoken His healing over her. I (again) can't say that I know what the results will look like tomorrow but she has received some incredible prayers. My prayer is that The Lord will honor and reward you for your faithfulness. So, in that mindset, I want to share with you something that happened on Friday. This encounter, whether the woman was real or an angelic visitor, symbolizes all of your love for our girl - and all of those sweet little folks who are battling cancer.

This is an excerpt from an email to my (former) pastor's wife I received permission to share. She and I both think y'all need this kind of encouragement.

Glory to God - whatever tomorrow brings.

I had a situation today that I've had very few times...You know, encountering God's presence face to face - "You can only watch my back, not the whole of me, or you will die" kind of thing. But today was different. Today was a lady in the Target about 1/4 mile from our house. I've never seen her before but I plan to go back and make sure she is real...

The girls were picking out a card for the little boy whose party Natalie is going to tonight and this very sweet lady was helping them. They must have gone through about 10 musical cards when Natalie finally settled on something. We thanked her and started walking to the check out.

She stopped me about 10 seconds later. She said "I'm sorry, but I have to ask you if I can pray for your little girl." I wasn't wearing a Team Sophia shirt, but I got the feeling she knew Sophia had cancer. She then said "A little voice in my heart made me come over and ask if I can pray for y'all." So, we talked a little bit - told her about Tuesday's results - and we hugged. She wanted to hug Sophia too - and both girls had been standing there, relatively quietly - although looking back, I'm pretty sure they were not paying attention. It was nearly lunchtime, they were hungry, etc. But to my shock/surprise, Sophia hugged her. Sophia barely even looks at people who compliment her hat, etc. although she is growing used to it. Sophia smiled and gave her a great, big, two-arm hug.

The Target Lady had the biggest smile on her face and we stood there looking at each other for a second and she said...
It is finished. She is done.

Believe what you may about this encounter - God is here, He is working and I know He hears my heart cry for my girl. Thank you Lord, You are so good to me!


Janice and James said...

Our God is an awesome God. Oh! the wonder of it All!!

Love and prayers,

Janice and James

Gindi said...

Claiming it is finished. I'm so glad you have shared this, it never fails to bring me to tears.

Spencer said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways!!