Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TPT4KC This Week!

This week is a big week for many, many of our kids. At least 7 (that I know of) started school recently or just this Monday!!! What an experience, to know so much of life outside of school and to walk back in - what perspective! Pray they will have no issues, health-wise or acceptance-wise, and they are each able to excel in their studies and extracurricular activities!

A favorite verse comes to mind when I think about all these kids who are or have battled cancer - It's Jeremiah 29:11,
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

More than anything, that promise is amazing. And of course, the way He went about achieving that end, through His Son and now through His Spirit - I look forward to seeing come to fulfillment, in the world and through these kids. I've been saying for awhile that I've thought Sophia has been marked - not by cancer - but by The Lord. To do wonderful things in His Name. I believe that with all of my heart that everyone of these kids has that same mark. To change lives and bring people closer to Him. If just one person who doesn't normally pray, but because they know one of these kids, decides to reach out to God - that is priceless!!!

And I know these kids are touching thousands, maybe millions, more lives than that!


Sophia Vogel (5, soft tissue sarcoma behind left eye) – Results from scans Tuesday!!!!

Anna Grace Dennis (7, cancer free from brain stem tumor) – Up and down each day on the headaches – pray for protection and healing!

Rylee Beard (5, Will's tumors in bladder/abdomen) - Finished chemo!! She also started Kindergarten Monday! She will be back at the clinic for blood counts, so pray she is protected and germ-free!

Holden Underwood (1, ALL/MLL) – Inpatient chemo starting on Wednesday and they usually make him feel pretty bad. Please pray for good spirits, great care and a room available early!

Matthew (5, Rhabdomyosarcoma) – Continuing his radiation and chemo, please pray for peace and that it will continue to work this cancer out of his body!

Aiden McSpadden (2, AML relapse) – His cancer has not responded to the chemo, so this week they are going to try a different drug. Pray it sends him into remission so they can move forward on a bone marrow transplant! Also, pray for his parents as this weekend was so difficult with the fever, and all ups and downs that involve caring for a child with cancer!

Brennan Scurlock (1, neuroblastoma) – Pray the doctors will find a good cocktail that will allow him to wake up from sedation calm every time, during his radiation!

Grant McTaggart (5, P+ ALL) – His family is awaiting results from his spinal tap last week – pray for excellent results and continuation of maintenance chemo!

Lincoln Daniel Jones (2, ALL) – Lincoln has clinic visits, which includes port access and spinal taps, every Monday. Please pray for peace and quick recovery – as well as relief from fear over all these pokes!!!!

Gabbie Howe (12, brain tumor - ependymoma) – Continuing to recover from surgery and pursuing her course of radiation at St. Jude’s this week.

Mark (10, rhabdomyosarcoma in left hand) – Outpatient chemo this week, but his body will experience a dip from his inpatient chemo last week. His friends started school but he will be home schooled, so pray for his spirits to stay high, even though he is limited.

Ava Caggino (4, ATRT Brain Tumor)- Currently at home, but will be going in for surgery next week.

Mark Ochoa (2, Wilm's Tumor) - finishing treatment soon! Pray he will hang on and beat cancer!

Ruel Bobet (20, stomach cancer)

Kristina Barrett (9, sarcoma in lungs and arm)

Tristan Smith (3, ependymoma)

Addison Marshall (18, ALL) - in maintenance!

Courtney Pette (16, lymphoma) - in remission!

Natalie Fraker (4, astrocytoma)

Hudson Kadlecek (4, lymphoma)

Patton Jones (3, Burkitt's Lymphoma)

Wyatt (2, ALL)

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Anonymous said...

I an sick of cancer, it's bad enough for adults, I have lost family tomany times. I visit the grave of a 4 year old little guy that died recently. My 6 year old niece is battling Leukemia and praise the Lord is doing wonderful with treatment. I hope and pray that I can keep this list of those fighting this darn cancer. Heard here in Indiana News that we are low on some cancer drugs. The news asked that since there generic drugs being used some don't "make" as much meds because they don't make as much money. The idea of that being true is same as murder. No one with cancer should have to worry about getting their needed medicine for ANY reason. Thank you God for these children.
We know YOU can do it. Please heal them. Grandma Cyndi in Indiana