Friday, September 30, 2011

True Character

I have another post that I'm needing to write (and I will) but in the meantime, I want to share this story with you.  My Mom told me about it yesterday, then my Dad sent me the link.  We are big sports people - we watch all sorts and growing up, our family movie nights centered around baseball movies ('cause they are usually so good!)  The Natural is still our favorite.  In fact, one of the things my Mom says to me on a regular basis is a line from that movie:
You are the best that ever was!
Watching this clip, I am reminded why we love sports.  It brings to mind that the Apostle Paul so often used athletic analogies to describe our journey in faith.  And given that this is a true story, makes it even sweeter.  I'm a big analogy person, which probably explains why my writing is so focused on applying what I read in God's Word.  I like lessons, because I learn by doing or watching someone else do it right.  The lessons I learn help keep me honest and forthright.  They keep me on the right path.  And God never fails to give me those lessons in all sorts of different ways.

In this circumstance, the experience these girls have translate into 2 ways in my life.

First - All of you who were and are supporting us through Sophia's treatment are those girls that carried an injured friend to home plate.  You got us there.  You carried us, through the power of your prayers and love and support.  God answered your cry on our behalf.  We were broken and hurting and couldn't do it ourselves.  You carried us towards home, the healing of our daughter. 

Second - This is the story of my salvation.  More than 8 years ago, I was running for what I thought was home, doing it all in my own strength.  When suddenly, I turned a corner and I broke.  I discovered I could not, in fact, get myself where I wanted to be.  My body, my mind and my spirit had no energy and I was in pain.  I needed someone to save me and deliver me to the finish line.  That's when Christ stepped in, picked me up and is carrying me around the bases towards home, a life like His and eternity with Him.

I'm not going for tears this morning, but darn it if they aren't running down my cheeks right now.

Sometimes it takes the character of others to remind us what we should be thinking about.  And what we should be thinking about is what is good, pure, holy, trustworthy, righteous and true in this crazy mixed up world.  Thank you to the girls of Central Washington and Western Oregon softball teams for displaying what agape love is all about.  I hope you did it because you know and love Jesus, but regardless of that - you reminded me of what He has and is doing for me!

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Sandy said...

Amy, your post today, as always, is very uplifting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Love, Blessings, and continued prayers, Nana Texas (living in Arkansas)