Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TPT4KC This Week

He is the God who sees - our El Roi.  And I have been Hagar, with my sweet child stuck under a tree in a matter of life and death.  

I was struck by this thought last night.  I have always loved that a foriegn slave girl was the first person to give God a name in the Bible.  I have prayed to to El Roi countless times over the last 8 years.  But I have never felt so clearly what it meant to be Hagar until last night.  

Then I had another thought.  Hagar only knew the God who Saw her.  I know The God Who Walks with me.  I know Immanuel, God with us.  Yes, He sees and He lives to intercede for me.  But He doesn't just see, He kneels down to pick me and my child up, from the desert and carry us through to springs of living water and healing.  My God doesn't just watch from a far - He is in the middle of our situation.

It was a powerful moment to know that He sees what I cannot reveal to anyone else.  

The times of desperation and intense emotional pain that I could share with no one else - He was there.

The times of panic attacks and stress levels through the roof - He was there.

The times of waiting for results - He was there.

The times when my heart broke because my daughter had to do things I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy - He was there.

He is God over everything.  I declare and claim that again.  And I always pray these families will know it and feel it like I did (and still do.)

The song that sparked all this deep thinking is a new one from Bebo Norman.  The video was just posted on Godtube.com and I've included it for you to watch, so you, too, can pray that these families will rest in that Our God not only SEES, He is THERE - in Everything.

God of My Everything by Bebo Norman

Let us pray because PRAY WORKS!!

Completed Treatment - Pray for them to stay cancer and illness free!
Sophia Vogel (5, soft tissue sarcoma behind left eye) – Doing well, but still trying to beat a chest cold.  Pray she heals up soon!  <"Team Sophia" on FB> 

Anna Grace Dennis (7, ependymoma) With her daddy at MDA meeting with new pedi neurologist today - pray the doctor will have wisdom as he assesses her and determines the cause of her headaches and stomach pain. Anna has had a rough few days. Her tummy still hurts and she has had a few headaches.  Pray the answer is simple and that God guides them and the doctors to do what is best for Anna Grace. <"Team Anna Grace" on FB> 

Rylee Beard (5, Will's tumors in bladder/abdomen) Doing great!      

Matthew Lucas (5, Rhabdomyosarcoma) – Having surgery this morning to remove the remaining tumor.  Pray it is dead tissue, that he heals quickly from the surgery and he will be declared cancer-free! <"Team Matthew" on FB> 

Gabbie Howe (12, ependymoma) – Next MRI in January,  pray all is clear! 

Courtney Pette (16, lymphoma) <"Team Courtney" on FB>[Soft Break] 

Tristan Smit (3, ependymoma) – Pray his tumor shrinks and is reabsorbed by his body because it is dead and for that to be clear on his next scans.   

Mark Ochoa (2, Wilm's Tumor) 

Newly Diagnosed 
Shelby Adams (Langenhans Cell Histiocytosis) – Met with medical team on Monday to discuss treatment options and staging.  Shelby is not feeling well, so pray for relief from the tumor effects and the wisdom of her medical team to decide the best course of treatment for her!  Also, pray for strength for her parents, who are feeling the distress of having a child with a new cancer diagnosis. <”Prayers for Shelby Adams” on FB> 

Fighting Illness and/or Inpatient 
Brennan Scurlock (1, neuroblastoma) – Finished radiation last Thursday!  PTL!  He bumped his head and his platelets are low, so they are going to do an MRI to make sure there is no internal bleeding.  Pray for nothing to be wrong and he makes a full recovery! <"Brennan Scurlock" on FB> 

Izzy Slot (3, angiosarcoma)  PTL - the tests showed no cancer!  But she is moderate to severe rejection and is having trouble breathing, although there is minimal fluid in her lungs.  Pray for her symptoms to ease and her liver to respond to the higher dose of steriods by Thursday's next check of her blood work.   <”izzyslot” on carepages.com and “Princess Izzy’s Court” on FB> 

Braeden Estes (17, Ewings Sarcoma) Still in ICU and dealing with a lot of the effects of sedation and the myraid of things that have to happen to care for him.  His BP is going up and down, they have taken cultures and his right lung is partially collapsed.  Jehovah Raphe sees him and knows that Braeden needs so please pray The Lord will supernaturally assist his body to heal and quickly! <http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/braedenestes>  

Aiden McSpadden (2, AML relapse) – On day 20 of BMT and doing great!  PRAISE THE LORD!  Started on oral medications and hoping his ANC will improve (has to be high enough for 3 consecutive days to go home), so they can get home!  He has a bone marrow aspiration on Wednesday to check for chimerism so please pray he stays healthy and strong so he can kick this cancer for good! <"Angels for Aiden" on FB> 

Lincoln Daniel Jones (3, ALL) – Still at the hospital from round of chemo last week, but has an infection, so pray it will clear up so they can go home!  <"Pray for Lincoln Daniel Jones" and "Red Carpet Kids for a Cure" on FB> 

Kory Crowell (12, Tumor on Adrenal gland) Admitted last week due to coughing up blood.  He has tumors pressing on his heart and fluid in his lungs.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing from Jehovah Raphe!  <”lil_dude on carepages.com”> 

Charlie Harris Beard (1, Leukemia) Still in isolation from his BMT 2 weeks ago.  He had a bit of a temperature last night, so pray it turns out to be nothing to worry about and he continues to do well and smile a lot!  <”Help save Baby Charlie Harries Beard” on FB> 

Callie Cheer (2, AML) – Developed an infection last week, but her results came back negative on Friday.  She is still receiving chemo so pray she continues to be protected! <”Cure for Callie” on FB> 

Logan Sinclair (5, Anaplastic Medulloblastoma) – Inpatient chemo that started on Thursday - pray they were able to go home yesterday or today and that Logan feels or has no issues as a result of his treatment!  <”Pray for Logan Sinclair” on FB> 

Ruel Bobet (20, stomach cancer) – Doing systemic chemo for 6 weeks (3 weeks to go) and then targeted treatment.  Pray for minimal side effects and to stay illness free!  

Receiving Treatment this week 
Madison (3, ALL) – At home and feeling much better.  Receiving IV antibiotics and has infusions her Mom gives her every 8 hrs.  They went back to clinic yesterday to see if her counts were high enough to start a new round of chemo.  Pray for her health to continue to improve and no more interruptions of her treatment from illness!  <”Prayers for Madison” on FB> 

Holden Underwood (1, ALL/MLL) – Officially in Continuation II!  Spinal chemo and port access this week on Wednesday.  Pray for good numbers and to remain illness free!  <"Holden's Hope" on FB> 

Gunnar Peterson (5, Wilm’s Tumor) Doing well with his treatment, although chemo and radiation have built up in his system.  Pray for no to minimal side effects, their travel back and forth from home to TCH and for quick attention from the nursing staff so they don’t have to stay all day at the clinic this week! <”Gunnar’s Team on FB”> 

Katie Wagner (15, Rhabdomyosarcoma) She is in her 3rd week of chemo this week.  Pray she stays healthy and infection free and that her family continues to rely on the Jehovah Raphe for full healing!  <Wagner Family support” on FB> 

Hunter (1, Ewing Sarcoma) On his 2nd day of treatment at MDA PTC.  Pray for success, minimal effects from radiation and sedation and peace for his parents! <”Cure Baby Hunter” on FB> 

Thomas Valerio (11, rhabdomyosarcoma in left hand) Continues to receive chemo weekly, so pray his results from last week's scans were great, he stays healthy and makes it through is treatment with flying colors! 

Zayley Oliver –She in 5th round of chemo and after the 7th, she will undergo surgery to remove the tumor on her liver.  Pray she stays healthy and that cancer is beaten back! <”Prayers for Zayley Jade Oliver” on FB> 

Addison Marshall (18, ALL) – continues outpatient, maintenance chemo  <addiecake on Twitter> 

Grant McTaggart (5, P+ ALL) continues maintenance phase of chemo to be concluded in January.  Keep praying for good results and stays on track! <http://www.prayforgrant.com/> 

On-break or has Scans this week  
Ava Caggino (4, ATRT Brain Tumor) Finished radiation last week, yay!  Pray she will have no side effects from the extended period of radiation and her next round of treatments goes well - and she continues to feel good and stay healthy!  <"The Ava Caggino Fight Aganist Cancer Page" on FB> 

Daniela Owens (9, Ewing Sarcoma) – Finger is healing nicely and she is back at school, doing very well! <”Prayer for Daniela” of FB> 

Lucy Weber (3, ALL) She has a bad cold and low ANC, which is not a good combination.  Pray for no fevers and that she recovers quickly!   <"Team Lucy" on FB> 

Sarah Burns (15, Osteosarcoma) – Home and resting on a short hospital break.  Pray for no illness to bother her and no side effects! If you wish to send her a card, her address is on her FB page!  <”Support for Sarah Lynn” on FB> 

Lance McClain (ALL) Pray for excellent results!  Also, pray for his sister Sophie who had a biopsy and will have a lymph node removed in a few weeks – pray for clear results on that!  <”TeamLance McClain” on FB> 

Maddie Briscoe (7, neuroblastoma) – Her last round of chemo will be next week.  Pray her blood counts have rebounded and that her eye heals from where she fell on the bus last week.  Pray for completion success as well as that tumors will not return! <”Pray for Maddie Briscoe” on FB> 

Kristina Barrett (9, sarcoma in lungs and arm) – Doing well!  <"Praying for Kristina" on FB> 

Natalie Fraker (4, astrocytoma) –Her next scan is Thursday.  Pray all is clear and the Lord will heal this little girl for the glory of His Name!  <” PRAYERSFORNKF” on carepages.com> 

Kylie Overton (2, Brain Tumor) –<”Prayers for Baby Kylie Overton” on FB> 

Taylor Porter (15, AML) <”Team Taylor – Taylor Porter” on FB> 

Kaylea Stewart (Leukemia, 6) – <"Kure for Kaylea" on FB> 

Hudson Kadlecek (4, lymphoma) - <"Hope for Hudson" on FB> 

Patton Jones (3, Burkitt's Lymphoma) 

Wyatt (2, ALL) 

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