Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Church-y Words

My goal is always to understand how to apply what God is saying in my life.  I really believe that He speaks not only for me to hear but integrate what I've heard for His glory, my betterment and to help those in His Church.  The problem arises when there are words that I don't quite get the first (or hundredth) time I hear them.  Sometimes when I read about them in Scripture, then try to study them in commentaries and Bible dictionaries, I still walk away scratching my head going "Huh?  What am I supposed to do with that?"

It takes God awhile to really water these terms so they will grow and blossom in my heart.  I decided to write down a few words He has been working and write how I think they apply to my life right now.  No doubt there are words I have not included here.  There is also a theme as I read back what I wrote: it seems to all come down to believing, thinking and acting the way God and His Word detail over what I can grasp myself.

This list is not exhaustive!  If there is a word "church-y" word that The Lord has really opened up for you, please post a comment - this is definitely interactive!  These are in no particular order, maybe we can work up a "definitive list" that would benefit others!  Wouldn't that be a cool research item to have on here???  I look forward to hearing from you!

Humbling - Choosing to think God's Way about your life vs. continuing in your own understanding of the way things should be.

Repentance - Choosing to think God's way about sin vs. hiding, validating or ignoring it.

Surrender (similar to humbling) - Choosing to think God's Way about a situation vs. trying to control it yourself.

Holiness - Choosing to love the things of God more than the things of the flesh.

Forgiveness - Choosing to see a painful situation through God's eyes vs. your own which leads to a freedom to act out of love for your self and the other person.  (also mercy, grace).

Kindness - Choosing to treat another God's way towards someone vs. the way you  might think they deserve to be treated.

Gentleness - Choosing to speak, think and act towards another God's way vs. your own.

Righteousness - choosing to live for God's truth vs. what seems like the right to you, others, the world.

Stewardship - choosing to spend your time, money, effort and energy God's way vs. your own.

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