Friday, May 11, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage

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I am in the process of having The Lord expand my perspective on a lot of things, including why I think, act and certainly vote the way I do.  I hope I can demonstrate where I'm coming from and as a result, why I think the way I do.  My goal is to express my opinion. With THAT said, I also think this country has much bigger problems than whether or not a minority group of people can or can't get married, but here we go....

I don't agree with Same-Sex Marriage.  And  I don't agree with it for 3 major reasons.  There are a lot of little corollaries that go along with those reasons, but I'll try to keep it brief. 

1. I believe homosexuality is a sin.

Sin = living in a way that goes against the design of God.  I realize this is not a popular view with most of everyone.  But discussing sin of any kind has NEVER been popular.  However, I have to call a spade a spade and if the Bible (which is the truth I base my life on) says the way any of us are conducting our lives is sin, then I have to see it as such.  I don't know if people are born gay or they are made by environment.  I don't believe we have to label someone gay or straight because they do or don't fit into our societal norms.  But I am convinced, either way, sexual relations with the same sex is not the natural way God designed for us to be in romantic relationships.

Yet, my job here is not to pass judgment or say your sin is greater than mine (because it isn't by the way, I'm just as sinful as the next blogger.)  My job is to present an option that provides greater freedom to experience love in its truest form - through a relationship with Christ.  I don't think me (or anyone else) telling you that you are going to hell is going to make much difference.  What I would hope would make a difference is the fact that God loves you so much and He wants what is best for you. Love covers a multitude of sins!  (1 Peter 4:8)  We were not meant to chase after only the pleasures and happiness this world can provide.  They are fleeting at best.  Real goodness takes work but it starts with the free gift of God's grace.

There is no "curing gay" as there is no cure for sin.  There is only the focus on the constant work to desire to love Jesus more than any and all of our sins that will change us. 

2. I believe anything that undermines the covenant of marriage as dictated by God is wrong.

Marriage = one man + one woman + God.  Anything that gets in between that like: divorce, adultery, physical or emotional abuse, absentee parents, living together out of wedlock (which I have done by the way), incest, polygamy, falling away from faith, addiction and yes, same-sex marriage destroys the plan God had for the success of the Creation we were meant to manage.  Distorting the purpose of God has repercussions that I think has had a major impact on our country and world.

I know that marriage is complicated.  I know that people do bad things to each other and some marriages might be doomed from the start.  I also believe that when you rely on the power of God to redeem and restore your situation - nothing is impossible.  Nothing is out of bounds and nothing is going to stop God from working in your situation - expect sin.  But there is a solution for that!  (See #1). 

3. Marriage is not just a civil union.

I've heard this bantered around a lot lately - especially in comments like "Let's let gay people be as miserable as we straight married people are!"  That bugs me because it means people have a very low opinion of marriage to start with.

(BTW - not a smart comment to make in front of your spouse for sure!)

Regardless, marriage is HARD.  It is WORK.  It REQUIRES grace, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, gentleness and intimacy.  None of those things come easily.  It comes from being purposeful and inviting God in the middle of all you do.  Yes, marriage protects assets and that benefit has been perverted over time to allow women and children (especially girl children), to be viewed as no better than chattel.

But our American society doesn't generally operate like that - we are free to marry for love, but that love has to be built on a solid foundation for it to last.  It has to be built in faith and commitment that The Lord will see us through the rough times.  The vows we take (and most of the people I know get married in churches) are SERIOUS and they take on new meaning with every year.  Marriage is as much a civil union as a physical, emotional and spiritual one - it is not for the faint of heart.

I know this is a civil rights issue - but not in the same way it was a civil rights issue for African Americans.  I don't think we can make sexuality a class because all that does is put more division into the relationships of people in this country.  We have enough division already - what we need is more unity.  What we need is more working together to solve the problems I see as bigger - like the economy, warfare and injustice in the world and what kind of legacy we are leaving for our kids.  The less we focus on what we want to get out of life and the more we focus on serving others - then we will see how God is working in this world.

We will see how He is redeeming it all.

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