Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Target Lady - Part Deux

Eighteen months ago, I wrote a post called "The Target Lady" and you can read it here.

It was about an encounter with an exceptionally sweet and Godly woman who prayed for Sophia during her treatment.  We (me and the girls) met her the day before we found out the results from Sophia's end of treatment scans.  The thing that floors me as I re-read that post is the same thing that floored me then - the words she chose to speak into my heart that day. 

Because they were a prophecy - the very words of Jesus from the Cross. 

It is finished.  She is done.

The funny thing about prophecies is that in order for them to be accurate, they have to come true.  There is no question this one did, even if the reality took many months to unfold in my mind and heart.  Each scan, each blood draw is an opportunity for the fear of relapse to assault my senses, threatening to overwhelm me with panic.  But God made it clear a year ago that Sophia was no longer under the grip of cancer.  She hadn't been for some time.  I've learned to trust the Lord in this situation over and over and over again for His goodness.

I've been back to Target a million times (maybe not THAT much, but it's been a lot) and up until yesterday, I'd never seen the lady again.  I've asked after her, so at least I found out she was a real person, not just an angelic visitation or figment of my imagination. 

But as I walked in to buy Sophia a white t-shirt for her performance as a zebra in Walnut Bend Elementary's Kinder/First Grade program, I looked at the lady sweeping up some trash by the entrance.  I caught her name tag and nearly kept going because it didn't register at first.  But that holy/heavenly brick wall that has stopped me before did again.  I couldn't take another step until I talked to her.

It was the prophet of Target.  Her name is Wilma and I was happy to report to her Sophia's prognosis.  I showed her a picture of her and she nearly burst into tears because the last time she saw Sophia, she was bald and sickly.  We prayed together right then and there, by the front door and she blessed this baby, who is so obviously about to make her appearance.

2 or 3 years ago, I would have been embarrassed to pray like that, in front of the world.  But I no longer fear what people think.  I will praise my God whenever the opportunity arises and I have such a big reason to thank Him.  He is too good not to thank when I think about my family.

Turns out, I was the reason Wilma came into work yesterday.  She told me her shift was from 1-6 pm (I was there at 5) and they'd not had a lick for her to do.  She'd just been available to her "mission," to work for the Lord whatever that brought her each day.  So - at the end of her day, without warning, Almighty God stepped into her reality to prove, once again, He descends to work through the fallen, imperfect human race for the advancement of His Kingdom.

I'm so pleased I was the joy-bearer this time.  I felt like I needed to repay her for the favor she'd given me. I know some of this may be hard to believe, but the Holy Spirit continually provides me with opportunities to experience just how close the divine is to us mortals.  Jesus is not even a breath away.  Situations like this make it so clear, the veil is so thin between Christ and those who call on His name. 

I'll close with the chorus to the song playing on my iTunes right now, it seems so appropriate:

I know who goes before me.
I know who stands behind.
The God of Angel Armies
Is always by my side.

The One who reigns forever,
He is a friend of mine.
The God of Angel Armies
Is always by my side.

God Bless Wilma, the Target Lady.


Janice and James said...

Praise the Lord, our might Warrior.
Praise the Lord, the glorious One.
By His hand we stand in victory.
By His name we overcome!!! What a wonderful Gift from the Lord!!

Gindi said...

I forgot to write how I love this. And now that sweet Ella Grace has reached us, I'm so excited that her blessing lives on in another precious miracle.

The Kemps said...

Thank you for the reminder that God is listening. I literally just cried while reading this at work. Praying for the newest member of your family!