Monday, June 10, 2013

More Gelato, for now

We got back from our Venice, Round 2, trip with my parents.  I don't think I wrote on Venice the last time and I don't think I will now.  Sorry to all of you who love it, but I don't.  It is apparently I place I go to get angry.  We don't travel well in Venice. 

Venice is for lovers.  Not for parents with young kids and babies.  Enough said.

Now, it wasn't horrible.  Other than the A/C wall unit in our room blowing mold that gave me a sinus infection and the makings of bronchitis, the trip was O.K.  They say that here in Italy, a lot.  O.K. means just what it does in the States.  Sophia got her snow globe, we got some masks (actually, that happened the first time) and I got a new cross for my collection.  Along with some gifts, we saw all the major sites, had a drink in St. Mark's Square and walked.  And walked.  And walked.  Oh, and ate gelato, like we do all the time now.

So - that's all I have to say about Venezia.

We have Rome coming up again.  I know I've written on that, don't expect much to change.  I will say, I'm glad we've seen what we have.  But when you compare it to our smaller trips, when we end up in our own beds at the end of the day (despite the war I'm waging against flying ants in the bathroom), we are all much, much, much happier.

In the hills above Fano
Italy is in the small towns, I'm finding.  Here is a good example.  Here is a picture I snapped *while the car was stopped* on the way back from seeing a doctor recommended by another of our project team folks.

He is a Bavarian doctor practicing here in Fano. (But don't suggest he's German, as I made the mistake of doing...apparently it's like asking someone from Alabama which part of New York he is from.)  He speaks English and did an ultrasound of my sinuses.  I can assure you that was a first.  I've had a lot of ultrasounds but never on my face.  He did a good job though and I'm, thus far, pleased with the prescribed medication.  It was cheap too.

This place is just SO beautiful.  It really stops the heart.  It is hard for me to appreciate in a big city, but out in the open air, out in real country, I praise the Lord for His creation.  I sang, as best as I could in my scratchy voice, His praises all the way to town.  The rainbow was an answer to many of today's prayers.  He is with us here.  He is with us everywhere.

He will be with us as we return home to Houston.  Yes, we are officially repatriating on July 28th.  This was designed to be a short-term gig and so it is.  We could have made it longer if the girls had an international school to go to, but without it, it is hard.  We want to get back and love on some close family we haven't seen in a long time.  We want to get back and put our girls in our beloved school, with our family there.  Expat life is good, but I'm glad it's coming to an end for now.  There are others staying longer, I know they will make the most of their time here. 

Mama, I'm coming 110+ degree heat and full-time A/C.  We will leave Italy with an appreciation for many things, including wine, fresh produce, local markets and God's green Earth.  And of course, gelato.  We still don't get art or really architecture.  But we've done our best to see it.

I look forward to seeing our Houston crew.  I know we haven't been gone too long.  But there is no place like home.

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