Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jesus Would Have Been a Great Mom

At my church, our pastor is preaching a sermon series on defeating fear and walking on water.  Those two are definitely related.  Once you defeat fear, then you can walk on water.  But more on that later.

The text Christian, our pastor, is using comes from Matthew 14 - the dramatic scene of Peter getting out of the boat, walking to Jesus, focusing on the wind/waves, sinking, crying out, being saved and then walking back to the boat with Jesus.  It's an extremely powerful message delivered by a guy who is full of power.  My (older) kids are enjoying it as well.  They are 10 and 7, so that is really saying something when you are keeping their attention long enough to get the message!

Last night, Natalie and I read Matthew 14:30 in her Jesus Calling for Kids devotional, which is the verse where Peter sinks into the water.  We started talking (and laughing) about Christian's demonstration of what Jesus says to Peter.  He does it like this, if you can picture it: 

Oh (slap) ye (slap) of (slap) little (slap) faith (slap), why (slap) did (slap) you (slap) doubt (slap)

Hopefully you get the idea, because I think it is a very valid interpretation!  We all need to be mentally/emotionally/spiritual smacked occasionally to remind us Who is in charge.

Yet, the version I've had in my head is a little different.  I asked her if she wanted to see it, so I showed her this:

(Jesus grabs Peter's hand and pulls him into a bear hug.  Then he says into his ear,) Oh ye of little faith, why did you doubt?

After my demonstration in which I was Jesus and she was Peter, she said, "Yeah that seems more like a Mom way of doing it."

I laughed because she is right.  I have learned (the hard way) when my children are hurt or fearful, the reminder of my teaching goes down better when they are in my arms.  The comfort I give when they need it most drives home the point that I love them, but also I was right.

We have it on our Family Rules board: Hugs > Words.

As I read my own version of Jesus Calling this morning and fear/anxiety/worry was (once again) addressed, it hit me.  When I am scared and overwhelmed by life, I need a safe place to rest.  The comfort that comes from being wrapped in my Father's arms, even especially when I'm wrong, produces a greater level of trust.  That trust grows into assurance, which then produces confidence. 

When you have confidence in Christ, you will not doubt His ways and commands.  You will fear-less, or maybe not at all.  Defeating fear is necessary to walk in a victorious life of faith but it also leads to walking in power.  When you are confident in who you are and Who is caring for you, there is very little - if anything - that can stop you.

That leads to evangelism just by living.  It leads to a Jesus kind of life, where we set captives free to find their own purpose in Him.

My ministry, at the moment, by any account, is teeny-tiny.  Eternally important, but my main service is to the 4 people in my house.  I'm not worried about it, as I know if/when I'm faithful with them, the Lord will grow my territory.  At this stage of my life, my main job is to be a Mom.

(In fact, Sophia asked me yesterday when I was going to get a job and I told her I already had one - being a mother.....Not sure she was impressed.)

I have dreams beyond this house but the most important thing I could ever do is make sure these 3 smaller people know the Lord and are equipped to walk with Him when they fly the coop.  They need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, all in for Christ because it is a dangerous world out there.

This is My Jesus-kind of life.  The funny thing is, Jesus is a much better Mom than I am.  When I rest in the comfort of His arms, opening up for Him to work, even when He has to remind me to have faith, He is changing me.  He is growing fruit and deepening the roots of love between us.  I am learning from Him and in the process He lifts my burdens, no matter how silly or serious they are.

From that assurance, I am empowered.  I don't fear what is coming because I am resting in Him.  My girls see that and I hope learn to do the same.

Jesus would have made the best Mom.  Instead, He is choosing to work His grace through me and make me a better one.  It is in those bear hugs of His Presence, in His Word and out on the waves, that it happens.  He empowers me to do great things, like raise 3 girls who love Him.

He whispers to me not to doubt, to trust, to love Him and He will never steer me or my family wrong. 

So, I do.  A little faith is all that is required.

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