Monday, April 7, 2014

2 Things Rocking My World Right Now

If you've ever had those moments, those experiences, encounters or studies that just sit in your heart for a long time; where you think and think and think and think on them, only to uncover more and more and more truth - the longer they marinate in your heart and head....well, you will get what I mean when I say two concepts are rocking my world right now.

The first one comes from a book I read back in the fall, based on the generally unfamiliar instruction of Jesus from Matthew 10:16,

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

This not-oft-taught precept struck me as I was reading Rick Lawrence's book Shrewd. The "Startling Command" is just what I needed/need to operate in the world.  Really, it is a call not to leave our mind and wordly awareness at the Cross, but to carry it with us because in the end - paying attention to the intricacies of the circumstances, situations and relationships around to:

1. Best see how God is working and, 
2. Best join Him in His work.

It also reminds me that in order to best defeat the devil at his own game, I need to understand how he plays - and the rules which he plays by.  It's all good for the spiritual warfare aspect of this victorious faith.

As I read Lawrence's book, I really probed for the difference between being shrewd and manipulative.  It is a rather fine line, but in the end, what won me over was that in being shrewd and innocent means we are operating like Jesus: truth anchored in love.

Wanting what is best for people - God's best - and applying the right leverage led by grace, at the right time, makes all the difference in prayer, fellowship and ministry.  I read the book six months ago but I need to read it again.  Situations get a lot less frustrating when you are shrewdly innocent because you are aware of where God has put His grace.  If God has already gone before you and unlocked the door, all you have to do is push it open.

I highly suggest that book to you if you are seeking Christ in a new, fresh dimension.

The #2 thing rocking me out is a book I haven't read or even purchased yet.  It's called The Mercy Prayer by Robert Gelinas.  Any book with the tag line "The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers" is bold.  It is a must-read, just to see if the author is a lunatic or on to something I've never considered.

I've been listening to the archives of the radio program Discover the Word on my phone in the carpool time.  Recently, Gelinas' was a guest host and talking about this concept of the mercy prayer.  I've listened for many years now to this program, but this series grabbed me my the throat.  The more I hear, the more I want to learn.

If "Lord, have mercy..." is the most prayed prayer in the Bible - I need to get me some more of that!

I don't even pick the book up till Wednesday or Thursday and I have about 8 more books I need to read before this one.  But as usual, I'm going with how my heart drags me.  It is here at the feet of Scripture, to be taught. be transformed.

I like transformation.  If it is also your M.O., I recommend checking out these resources.  If you've already digested them, please leave a comment.  Look forward to more discussion and mediation on these two principles: Shrewd and Mercy.

I can't wait to know grow more!

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