Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesdays of Wonder - The Generosity of God

If a person has a desperate need but never says it out loud, does God still hear?


While, the Lord does not often clue me in on how He hears, when He hears or How He will respond, I know enough of Him to say He always does.  Sometimes the answers are obvious and other times, the Lord works in mysterious ways; ways so mysterious, we can never untangle the connections to get back to the root of the answer.

Except that the root is always Providence.

I love that name for God, even if it sounds old-timey.  It comes from the Latin providentia.  It essentially means seeing AND meeting the need in advance.  Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology defines God and His foreseeing provision as such, 

God not only looks ahead and attempts to make provision for his goals, but infallibly accomplishes what he sets out to do... Providence, then, is the sovereign, divine superintendence of all things, guiding them toward their divinely predetermined end in a way that is consistent with their created nature, all to the glory and praise of God.1

Today's wonder-filled story is about an unspoken need and God meeting it.  He knew what was needed and provided abundantly above all expected.  It is because of His love for us, His children, He does that.  It is because He IS love He provides for us.  We are the apple of His eye and when we seek Him first, everything else will be added to us (Matt 6:33).

If you need something today, ask God for it.  It doesn't matter if it is money, healing, forgiveness, grace, wisdom, freedom.  Whatever it is, He wants to give it.  This isn't prosperity gospel.  This is going to the Source of all things, seeking Him above all else.  When we do that, He has promised to give. The boundaries of His love, I am confident, are much more than we can reach! (Eph 3:20)

Now onto Darly's story.....

Darly lives in Olympia, WA.  She has suffered, been through horrible things.  But now that she is free in Jesus, she works for justice for those in situations like she used to be.** However, Darly has had a difficult time financially.  Her church told her to let them know when she needs help, but she has been hesitant to do so.  A few weeks ago, she needed to pay her medicine but didn't have the funds.  Her pastor at Hidden Creek Community Church, Tim Heffer, has been preaching a series on Grace, Gratitude and Generosity.  So, after listening to his sermons, she writes, 

I had made (God) a promise to ask for help if I could not pay for my meds.

She did tell one of her friends her predicament. They both were working at the church food bank and her friend told her,

I only have a bunch of ones in my purse. It's the end of the month. But let's see what we can do.

A few hours later, after finishing work, Darly's friend called her over to discreetly give her the money. She opened her wallet and a shocked look came over her face; then tears came to her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Darly asked.

Her friend's voice was wobbly with tears when she said, "There are no ones in here."

Darly replied "Ok, that's ok, " (Not perceiving what the tears were about.)

"No," she said as she fanned out a number of bills. "They are all FIVES!"

Darly's friend explained she KNEW they were all ones because she had just counted them.  Yet, by the same power that raised Christ from the dead, the Holy Spirit made sure Darly's blessing wasn't just a little bit.  He supernaturally changed the currency of the bills!  It met her need, right where she was and then some.

Your takeaway from this is that God can handle all all your needs, spoken and unspoken.  Bring them to Him for He is a God of wonders and miracles.  Let Him show you what He can do for you today!

**You can read about the organization Darly works with, the the Justice and Mercy Foundation, on their website:

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