Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Bridge Workbook LOL to Tears Entry #2

So, a couple of weeks ago, our middle daughter - the ever hilarious Sophia - wrote about what she would keep if she had to give away everything but three things in her room.  It was settled pretty easily - you can read her commentary here.

In her summer bridge workbook, she writes something weekly.  She doesn't try and make it funny every time, but today, I'm pretty sure she worked hard at it.  She was successful.  She was asked about something she could reuse or recycle and how she would reuse or recycle it.

Third Grade has never seen a kid like this.  I hope her teacher is tuned into Sophia's particular brand of dry wit.  Lord, have mercy on us!

(Personally, I think she likes the subtle fame that comes from me posting her matter what she says!)

I would recycle my old toothbrush.  Because its old and I don't want a old, moldy, stinky toothbrush running around my house yelling, "I'm a stinky toothbrush!"  But once my mom sees it, she grabs it and sticks it in my mouth.  And that's when I reuse it.

Here is the original, in all it's unedited glory

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Janice and James said...

That's our girl!!!! For Christmas, stuff her stocking with toothbrushes!